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  1. Quench Hydrating Balm
    $10.50 Retail
    $8.40 W/S
    Quench Hydrating Balm
  2. Renew Foot Scrub
    $13.50 Retail
    $10.80 W/S
    Renew Foot Scrub
  3. Soothe Foot Creme
    $12.00 Retail
    $9.60 W/S
    Soothe Foot Creme
  4. Soak - Foot care
    $12.00 Retail
    $9.60 W/S
    Soak - Foot care
  5. Indulgence Foot Care Set
    $30.00 Retail
    $24.00 W/S

    Soak, Renew, and Soothe your feet with Jamberry's Indulgence Foot Care Set. This bundle helps give your feet the pampering they deserve in a3-step system that includes: Soak Peppermint Foot Soak (4 oz.), Renew Peppermint Foot Scrub (4 oz.), and Soothe Moisturizing Peppermint Foot Creme (4 oz.).

  6. Smooth Lotion
    $10.00 Retail
    $8.00 W/S
    Infused with aloe, unscented
  7. DIVA LA DIVA Bundle
    $40.00 Retail
    $25.00 W/S
    DIVA LA DIVA bundle includes 4 solid scents which are fragrant perfume balms that can also be used on hands, hair, body, lips, and feet.
  8. Provence Lavender Mint Tea Foot Soak - 16.7 oz
    $22.00 Retail
    $15.00 W/S

    Provence Lavender Mint Tea Foot Soak provides your feet with a therapeutic, spa-like treatment that helps deodorize and freshen tired feet. With uplifting herbs, desert minerals and soothing essential oils, you'll give your feet the therapy and recovery they need.

  9. Hollywood Fresh Custard - 4 oz.
    $22.00 Retail
    $15.00 W/S

    Hollywood Fresh Custard is a medium-weight moisture creme that will provide a decadent satisfaction to your skin that deserves this indulgence


  10. Sole Food Foot Balm - 1/2 oz.
    $12.00 Retail
    $9.00 W/S
    Energize and nourish tired feet with our Sole Food Foot Balm. An invigorating elixir of lavender, eucalyptus, mint, and tea tree oil.

10 Items