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  1. Renew Foot Scrub
    $13.50 Retail
    $10.80 W/S
    Renew Foot Scrub
  2. Soothe Foot Creme
    $12.00 Retail
    $9.60 W/S
    Soothe Foot Creme
  3. Soak - Foot care
    $12.00 Retail
    $9.60 W/S
    Soak - Foot care
  4. Indulgence Foot Care Set
    $30.00 Retail
    $24.00 W/S

    Soak, Renew, and Soothe your feet with Jamberry's Indulgence Foot Care Set. This bundle helps give your feet the pampering they deserve in a3-step system that includes: Soak Peppermint Foot Soak (4 oz.), Renew Peppermint Foot Scrub (4 oz.), and Soothe Moisturizing Peppermint Foot Creme (4 oz.).

  5. Smooth Lotion
    $10.00 Retail
    $8.00 W/S
    Infused with aloe, unscented
  6. Happy Feet Organic Foot Cream - 3.07 oz.
    $15.00 Retail
    $11.25 W/S

    Our luxurious healing and comforting Happy Feet Organic Foot Cream helps to soften and deeply moisturize the skin.

  7. Hollywood Fresh Custard - 4 oz.
    $22.00 Retail
    $15.00 W/S

    Hollywood Fresh Custard is a medium-weight moisture creme that will provide a decadent satisfaction to your skin that deserves this indulgence


  8. Sole Food Foot Balm - 1/2 oz.
    $12.00 Retail
    $9.00 W/S
    Energize and nourish tired feet with our Sole Food Foot Balm. An invigorating elixir of lavender, eucalyptus, mint, and tea tree oil.

8 Items