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6 Items

  1. Ultimate Colloidal Silver™
    $39.99 Retail
    $31.95 W/S

    Ultimate Colloidal Silver provides you with 5ppm per dose of pure silver. This immune-supporting liquid supplement is a safe and effective form of silver that may provide you with health benefits.

    • Vegan

  2. Ultimate D-Stress™
    $40.99 Retail
    $32.95 W/S

    Stress like many conditions of a fast-paced society is at epidemic proportions. Prolonged stress can present problematic symptoms in the body and adversely impact the immune system. Ultimate D-Stress™ provides key nutrients known to be involved in a healthy stress response cycle.

  3. LiverPure
    $105.99 Retail
    $84.95 W/S

    Your liver is the largest internal organ in your body. It helps to filter the blood coming from the digestive tract, before passing it to the rest of the body, as well as detoxifying chemicals. When your liver becomes overwhelmed, it makes it difficult to maintain optimal health. 

    LiverPure is a safe and effective way to support the ability of our liver - the body's chemical factory - to purify, detox, and replenish your health. The LiverPure kit includes: LiverPrep (1), LiverClean (1), Pure Lemon Juice (1), and 30 Day Detox Calendar.*

    *If you are planning on following the 30 Day Detox Calendar you will need to purchase additional products: TrueZyme, TrueCleans, True Detox Tea, and Slender FX™ Meal Replacement Shake.

  4. Nature Direct Freshen Up Cleaning Bundle
    $46.99 Retail
    $37.95 W/S
    Give your home a fresh start with safe, powerful cleaning products featuring 100% organically sourced ingredients and pure essential oils. Our Nature Direct Cleaning Bundle is designed to help you tackle spring cleaning with products that deliver results without toxic chemicals. The hero in this bundle is our Nature Direct Super Strength Concentrate. This is the go to cleaner for sinks, vanities, bathtubs and shower bases. Pair it with the Nature Direct Eraser to tackle heavily soiled cook tops, ovens, and barbeques.
  5. Nature Direct EnviroAir Hypoallergenic Formula Concentrate - 125
    $23.99 Retail
    $18.95 W/S

    EnviroAir Hypoallergenic Formula is a specially formulated concentrate for the Pure Air Revitaliser. It contains six essential oils currently classified by the International Fragrance Association as non-allergenic – Wintergreen, Wild Thyme, Myrrh, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Cedar. It’s the best choice for those who are extra sensitive

  6. FTO Bark Bites Bundle
    $14.99 Retail
    $12.00 W/S

    Keep your fur friends happy and healthy with some tasty treats made with real wholefoods and Plant Derived Minerals!

    • Grain & Gluten-Free


6 Items

6 Items