Breezy Paradise

$93.75 $124.99 Retail
$75.00 $99.95 W/S

Gift a makeup loving mom or grad with the beautiful tones of our Breezy Paradise palette. Easily create the perfect look for all summer and spring events with 2 pressed powder foundations, 4 eyeshadows, 1 blush, and 1 bronzer to help contour, and highlight. It contains everything you need to create a radiating finish that blends seamlessly with the skin.

SKU : 165532

Who’s it for: Anyone with light and medium dark skin that loves natural, beautiful makeup.

What it does: This palette provides you with makeup for fair to light complexions and classy use cool contour tone.

What sets this product apart?

Get your full face on in a flash with our multi use face palette. Start with our amazing, pressed powder foundation featuring two complimentary shades with medium to full coverage. This foundation creates a soft matte to minimize imperfections and promote even skin tone. Great for all skin types. Four blendable eyeshadows are designed to take your look from day to night, universal blushes warm up your look. A golden bronzer and highlighter are the final touches to sculpt out your look. Full face in a flash.

Plus, it’s easy to travel with a compact design that’s also refillable!


Harmony 9g Pressed Foundation
Clever 9g Pressed Foundation
Icon 2g Pressed Eyeshadow
Kind-Hearted 2g Pressed Eyeshadow
Electric 2g Pressed Eyeshadow
Mysterious 2g Pressed Eyeshadow
Solid 5g Pressed Blush
Admire 5g Pressed Bronzer
Marvelous 5g Pressed Highlighter