Simple Man Beardsmith Bundle

$374.99 Retail
$299.95 W/S

For the man who loves a clean and trim look, our Simple Man Beardsmith Bundle delivers quality grooming products that will make your beard the boss.

200 BV

299 QV

SKU : USSC5550

Who’s it for: men looking for high-quality grooming products that use nutrient-rich ingredients.

What it does: using natural, quality ingredients, our Beardsmith Bundle has everything a man needs to tame and moisturize their beard and skin.

What’s included in this bundle:

  • Alibi Beard Balm (2oz.) (Qty 8)– multiple essential oils provide nutrients to the hair and skin similar ingredients and benefits as our beard oil with the addition of butter and wax. Butter and wax give the balm the ability to be used as a pomade-type styling agent to tame the mane.
  • Scentless Beard Oil (1oz.) (Qty 8) - all-natural, silicone-free and scentless beard oil that combines several natural oils that help keep your beard un-gnarly and manageable, yet extremely lady-friendly. It can be used on tattoos as well as other bodily hair.
  • Alibi Beard Oil (1oz.) (Qty 8)- multiple essential oils within the beard oil provide vitamins and nutrients to the hair and skin while conditioning and moisturizing brittle hair and flakey skin. Anti-inflammatory properties are a plus to prevent the"Itch".