BURN Weight-Loss Kit

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$128.00 W/S

Give your weight loss plan a boost with the Burn Weight Loss Kit. Each item in this kit help support healthy weight loss goals that includes supporting a healthy gut. Includes: BURN caps, Trim, Repair+, and Digestwel+.

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Who’s it for: Anyone looking for weight loss support.

What it does: Provides nutrients that support a healthy metabolism and support weight loss.

What sets this product apart? The Burn Weight Loss Kit provides you with a variety of products that can be combined to support a healthy metabolism and help support your weight loss goals.





These on-the-go stick packs deliver ingredients that can help you with cravings, boost your metabolism and support your energy levels

Burn caps

BURN caps™ deliver the perfect blend of nutrients to help your body support its fat-burning potential, give you energy, and help you control snacking and food cravings.  


An efficacious blend of key beneficial amino acid L-glutamine with soothing herbs, soluble fiber and a key digestive enzyme to support the digestive system.


Chewable enzymes that help ensure optimal digestion of food components for increased nutrient absorption.

See Individual products for details.

Trim Suggested Use: Add a TRIM stick to 16 oz. of chilled water. Shake it up. Drink it up.

Burn Suggested Use: Take one (1) capsule w/breakfast, and then one (1) capsule w/lunch.

Repair Suggested Use: Take repair+™ l-glutamine + fiber gut support drink mix once daily (or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner). Add contents of one sachet to 8-12 ounces of water, followed by an additional 8-14 ounces of water to ensure full hydration of the soluble fiber

Digestwel+ Suggested Use: Take one tablet just prior to or during each meal three times daily.