Southern Style Dry Rub

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We know you love your ribs and not only in the South. With sweet paprika, chili and mustard this will become a must-have at your next cook-up. Mild to medium spice.

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Who it’s for: Protein and BBQ aficionados who take a DIY approach to cooking delicious meats for family and friends.    

What it does: Enhances a wide range of proteins. 

What sets us apart: It’s gourmet made easy. Whether you’re trying something new or whipping up one of your classic culinary standards, our all-natural spices, seasonings, salts and mixes will transform any meal into something truly special. So sprinkle some on or stir some in for an extra kick, zip or hint of flavor.  

Ingredients: Sweet Paprika, Onion, Garlic, Cumin, Chili, Thyme, Mixed Herbs, Mustard, Australian Sea Salt, Sugar  

Serving Suggestions: Use 1 tbsp per pound (1/2 kg) of meat for grilling or roasting. 

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dark place and protect from exposure to air, strong light, or extreme cold.