Black Cumin Seed Carrier Oil

$9.99 Retail
$7.95 W/S
Black Cumin Seed Oil contains B Vitamins, which help support healthy skin. It's antioxidant and soothing properties help skin stay moisturized.

5 BV

7 QV

SKU : 67248

Who it’s for: anyone looking for an soothing carrier oil that is quickly absorbed by the skin.   

What it does: helps delivering soothing benefits to the skin and may be used with other essential oils to cover large areas.  

What sets this product apart? Cold press extracted from the cumin seed, it delivers B Vitamins that help support healthy skin.  

Suggested uses: this oil is used topically for skin and hair concerns.  

Main Ingredient/Benefits  

Black Cumin Seed Oil: contains B Vitamins which are believed to strengthen and protect the skin.