8 Minute Trader™ Digital Mega Pack

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The 8 Minute Trader system delivers a software license, smart mt-4 alerts, short LIVE trading calls 5 days a week and a comprehensive learning course that teaches forex trading techniques, the psychology of trading, and understanding the key metrics of the US 30.

Customers will also receive new & ongoing training for marketing, teaching users how to COMPLIANTLY market on social media and on how to prospect new users while also receiving important marketing assets to use. 

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The 8 Minute Trader is a monthly subscription with a low learning curve system teaching you how and when to trade in forex. It includes a software license, smart mt-4 alerts, short LIVE trading calls 5 days a week and learning courses from technique to trading psychology. You will also receive compliance training and important marketing assets.

The Freedom/Back Office Long Description has been updated to:

The Eight Minute Trader is a monthly subscription that provides a low learning curve system operating around a trading strategy that uses both smart, artificial intelligence technology and seasoned professional trading coaches. This particular indicator will typically enable traders to get into and out of the market in 8 minutes or less, a significant leap forward in strategy and technology from what currently exists on the market today. The system is harnessed within a full-scale trading academy, filled with tools, techniques, strategy and psychology. While experienced traders can excel in this system and save themselves time, the Eight Minute Trader is designed for the new and/or inexperienced trader.*  This system offers a unique set of three major benefits to those who enroll as active subscribers to the platform: live calls, super alerts and a masterclass in the psychology of trading. 

The Eight Minute trader expands on the diversity of trading, from just forex alone, to forex, the US 30 futures contract and indices. This greatly enhances the dynamic of intelligent software engineering to maximize the education and opportunity across markets with our coaches and education community. 

The coaches who lead the community host a live call five days per week, Monday through Friday, to look at the opening of the New York session and attempt to identify fast and volatile price changes in the market. These veteran traders share their own trading screen in real-time and break down what’s happening in the market, second by second. It is a powerful way to watch and learn for just a few minutes per day. The strategy is designed to identify potential market breakouts which occur specifically at the market open, with heightened volume requirements within the price action. The combined strategy fast tracks trade technique, assisting users in condensing their allotment of time typically required to analyze the markets. We have compressed the typical trading schematics from hours down to literal minutes. It also simplifies the process to assess their own trading decisions.  This system gives each participant the power to execute their own interpretation of the unique reference points being utilized by our veteran coaches in measuring the market in real time, so not only does it provide valuable guide rails and examples but enhances the users understanding of pinpointing their trading decisions over time. 

The second benefit to the Eight Minute Trader is an alert software system that provides professional analysis on nearly any instrument on any timeframe, 24 hours a day, 5 days per week, and, in some cases, 7 days per week in markets that are open. The alert software sends out trade idea alerts in real time based on the settings selected by the subscriber. The customer can use this information as potential confirmation of current market activity to assess whether or not they want to place a trade and attempt to earn a profit.* One of the main goals of the system is to streamline the trading and education experience for users, away from messy and confusion interfaces and visuals, with reports that are normally expansive and technical in nature, and makes them simple and concise for an educated user to understand. 

Customers will also receive a combination of master class level trading education, including groundbreaking psychology classes that are typically utilized for high net worth, expert traders. For trading enthusiasts, the chance at mastering the psychology of this industry is a critical part of their journey. This education is ongoing and expansive. There will be customers who purchase this package just for this benefit alone as most of what the current retail market offers is primarily focused on fundamentals and not psychology. As any successful trader will tell you: the psychological edge is EVERYTHING.  The educational system also provides a secondary benefit of marketing training. New and ongoing marketing training for individuals will be provided, teaching users how to compliantly market on social media and on how to prospect new users while also receiving important marketing assets to use. This approach touches every aspect of a holistic system aimed at providing the user with effective marketing strategies in an attempt to make it easier for distributors to grow their network.

The value of the 8 Minute Trader education program is to save the user time. The software can scan the markets and produce reports that enable the user to make their own informed trading decisions. While each user trades at his or her own risk, our education system provides superior support and structure to make informed choices. The software will never make a trade for the user, and users remain in full control of their trading capital and trading decisions at all times. For every trend there are infinitely more gurus to tell you how it should be done. The 8 Minute Trader has gone through rigorous testing over a long period of time and incorporates a total system, from software to psychology and more, which we believe will put you in the best position to win.*

Purchasing the 8 Minute Trader Digital Megapak signs you up for a monthly subscription for $199.95 before taxes. The subscription will process each month on the same day as the enrollment and is non-refundable. Cancellation of the subscription should be sent in writing to Youngevity Customer Service at least 2 business days prior to processing to support@youngevity.com, or via support ticket, mail, fax or Live Chat. 
Cancellation & Return Policy - 
Since this is a Digital platform, the customer will receive the product and benefits immediately.  The calls are Monday through Friday.  Based on this, there is a 10-day return policy for the Mega Pak, giving 10 days to contact us for a full refund. 

* There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading. Only risk capital should be used to trade.


The 8 Minute Trader reflects a separate product/program from Youngevity's shippable, consumable products. So, any questions or concerns regarding this platform and training will be referred to the Trading Academy Team. Below you will find valuable information regarding contacting that team.

That said, any questions regarding orders placed or your Autoship will still be addressed to us at Support@Youngevity.com


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Trader Compliance: 

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Cancellation & Return Policy

Since this is a Digital platform, the customer will receive the product and benefits immediately.  The calls are Monday through Friday.  Based on this, there is a 10-day return policy.  They have 10 days to contact us for a full refund.  The return data will be sent systematically to the Trading Academy so an email is not required.  

The outbound team will contact all users with a declined A/S via phone to try and re process their Autoships. We will also send a follow up email using the approved template notifying the Distributor of the pending Autoship cancellation due to non-payment. 

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