Summer Gatherings

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Create tasty dishes and more for all your upcoming get-togethers with our Summer Gatherings bundle. This variety pack of Saveur spices and vinegars can make your summer gatherings a breeze with tasty meals that everyone will love.

Download recipes for Potato Cakes with Salmon and Mustard Cream, Spiced Rubbed Lamb, and Strawberry Hazelnut Stack from the links in the Downloads section for this product.

SKU : USYG20362

Who’s it for: Anyone who loves to cook and entertain by creating great-tasting meals.

What it does: Provides you with a variety of spices and a flavorful vinegar to help you create tasty dishes.

What’s included:

Chili & Lime Sea Salt Flakes - Use this Asian-inspired delight as an everyday salt or as a seasoning for any dish, meat, vegetable, or seafood. You can also rim your favorite cocktail for some extra zing.

Cranberry Orange Balsamic Vinegar - Smooth white wine vinegar with the combination of tart cranberries and sweet orange make this light fruity vinegar a favorite for refreshing finishing touches. Use as a salad dressing or marinade for chicken, pork and fish. Delicious on fruit salad or in desserts. Perfect for cheeseboards with white wine or in champagne or cocktails and shrubs.

California Onion Mix - A pantry essential. This mix will become a quick, go-to product to add to almost all your cooking, or whip up a quick and tasty spread. Little to no spice.

Southern Style Dry Rub - We know you love your ribs and not only in the South. With sweet paprika, chili and mustard this will become a must-have at your next cook-up. Mild to medium spice.

Nutmeg Blend Baking Spice - What pumpkin pie or latte would be complete without this classic spice? Plus, use it to add delicious flavor notes to savory Indian or Italian dishes. Little to no spice.