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  1. Gentle and Caring
    $15.00 Retail
    $12.00 W/S

    Give your body some Gentle and Caring love with this essential oil and soap combo. The uplifting scents in Earth Scent™ will help you inhale mental clarity, while the Lavender Soap will give your body an intoxicating, fresh cleanse.

  2. Simply Spring
    $25.00 Retail
    $20.00 W/S

    It’s Simply Spring with this beautiful Nail Wrap and JamPop™ combo. Keep your nails looking fresh this spring with these two beautiful tones that are easy-to-wear for all spring events.

  3. Fresh Floral
    $25.00 Retail
    $20.00 W/S

    Our Fresh Floral nail bundle is the perfect pair for all your spring gatherings. These beautiful floral nail wraps will freshen up your nails and our Power Pink JamPops give you a classic spring look. It’s the perfect spring trend!

  4. Pastel Perfection Lacquer Trio
    $25.00 Retail
    $20.00 W/S

    Beautiful spring nails are a must for any nail lover. Our Pastel Perfection Lacquer Trio features three beautiful pastel Jamberry Nail Lacquers perfect for all your spring celebrations. Our non-toxic nail lacquer is free of the 8 most harmful ingredients in most nail polishes and safe for kids!

  5. Celebrate the Grad!
    $36.97 Retail
    $28.85 W/S

    Celebrate the Grad or celebrate any special person in your life with this incredible spice bundle. You can quickly create tasty dishes with these amazing Saveur spices!

  6. Sassy Grad Set
    $31.25 Retail
    $25.00 W/S

    Gift a special grad with this beautiful Sassy Grad Set. This set includes two beautiful sets of gel strips, plus a fun, sparkly beaded bracelet and striking silver earrings for a gift your grad will enjoy all year.

  7. Desserts for Mom
    $43.98 Retail
    $33.90 W/S

    Create the perfect dessert for any mom. Our Desserts for Mom bundle includes a few of our favorite Saveur products that will help you create the perfect ending for a special meal for any mom. Or gift it to a food loving mom who loves great-tasting spices!

  8. Cap & Glam Grad Set
    $25.00 Retail
    $20.00 W/S

    Gift a special grad with this beautiful Cap & Glam Set. This set includes a beautiful set of nail wraps plus a unique grad locket set that will look beautiful on any 2022 grad.

  9. Summer Relief
    $37.50 Retail
    $30.00 W/S

    Give your mind and body a little comfort with our Summer Relief bundle. This bundle includes our therapeutic Dead Sea Bath Salts and our incredible Relief Essential Oil Blend to help support mind and body recovery.

  10. Hello Spring
    $37.50 Retail
    $30.00 W/S

    Breathe in freshness with our Hello Spring Essential Oil Bundle. The refreshing oils in this bundle will help you breathe in a fresh spring and may help support many aspects of mind, body, and atmosphere.

  11. Spring Support
    $49.11 Retail
    $39.32 W/S

    Help keep yourself and loved ones healthy during allergy season with our Spring Support bundle! This bundle includes our Sinus & Allergy Support plus our natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes to help keep hands clean from unwanted germs, dust bunnies, and more.

  12. Creamy Medium Roast Coffee Bundle
    $60.98 Retail
    $48.95 W/S

    Share the perfect creamy cup of medium roast coffee with a coffee lover! Our Creamy Medium RoastCoffee Bundle includes our ground Medium Roast Coffee, Youngevity Collagen Creamer, plus a FREE hand mixer to create the perfect creamy cup of coffee.

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