Violet Sparkle - Lacquer Strip

$12.99 Retail
$10.39 W/S

An oh-so-sparkly semi-transparent purple ombre gives 'Violet Sparkle' showstopping potential.

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Hello, Beautiful!
Follow our instructions to make Lacquer Strip application and removal a breeze.


1. Push back cuticles. Buff and clean nails with a Nail Prep Wipe or Nail Prep Cleanser.
2. Select Lacquer Strip for best fit. Err on the smaller size to avoid overlapping on the skin or nail edge, which can cause lifting.
3. Remove the film from both sides.
4. Press Lacquer Strip onto nail. Smooth down the center of nail, toward the tip, then at the center and moving outward.
5. Trim excess with nail scissors. File off remaining Lacquer Strip using a downward motion.


1. Soak a cuticle pusher or orange stick in Jamberry Lacquer Remover.
2. Break the seal of the Lacquer Strip using the soaked cuticle pusher or orange stick (or your thumbnail).
3. Using the soaked cuticle pusher or orange stick, gently work the Lacquer Strip away from the nail, starting from the side and moving across the nail. Be careful not to move too quickly in order to avoid damage to the nail.
4. Finally, apply cuticle oil for a winning finish!