Hopelessly Devoted - Gel Strip

$12.99 Retail
$10.39 W/S

The strength of a gel and the ease of a strip, the latest trend in nail beauty requires NO heat and NO curing. Introducing Gel Strips


Become hopelessly devoted to this Valentine's Day design featuring a clear heart over a deep, matte wine hue.

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Hello, Beautiful!
Follow our instructions to make Gel Strip application and removal a breeze.

1. Buff and clean nails with a Nail Prep Wipe or Nail Prep Cleanser.
2. Select the size you think will best fit each nail. Err on the smaller size to avoid overlapping on the skin or nail edge, which can cause lifting.
3. Apply Gel Strip to prepped nail, starting from the cuticle to tip, then from the center to each side.
4. Trim excess with nail scissors. File remaining Gel Strip with a fine-grit file, using a downward motion

1. Using a cuticle pusher dipped in non-acetone remover, gently work the Gel Strip away from the nail, starting from the side and moving across the nail. Be careful not to move too quickly in order to avoid damage to the nail.
2. Finally, apply cuticle oil for a winning finish!