9 Items

9 Items

    Ultimate CM Soft Gels™ - 60 soft gels (4 Pack)
    $186.99 Retail
    $149.95 Wholesale

    Ultimate CM Soft Gels contain nutrients known to stimulate joint health and comfort and, taken daily, Ultimate CM Soft Gels can increase the support provided to ones joints. 4 Pack.

    Ultimate Bio Calcium™ - 120 capsules (4 pack)
    $111.99 Retail
    $89.95 Wholesale

    Ultimate Bio Calcium contains a blend of minerals that help promote the uptake of Calcium by the bones.* 4 Pack.

    Ultimate CAL® - 120 capsules (4 Pack)
    $105.99 Retail
    $84.95 Wholesale

    Each serving of Ultimate CAL provides 230 mg of calcium plus key mineral co-factors (magnesium zinc potassium and boron) to promote calcium uptake.

    DIRECTIONS: Take two capsules twice daily or as directed by your healthcare professional.

    Ultimate King Calcium™ - 90 chewable tablets (4 Pack)
    $136.99 Retail
    $109.95 Wholesale

    Ultimate King Calcium provides important support for supporting healthy bones, teeth, cardiovascular health, hormone balance and digestive health. 4 Pack.

    Ultimate Osteo-Mag™ - 60 tablets (4 Pack)
    $143.99 Retail
    $114.95 Wholesale

    Each serving of Ultimate Osteo-Mag provides 200 mg of magnesium an essential mineral involved in more than 300 enzyme systems within the human body and which plays a major role in bone health.

    DIRECTIONS: Take one tablet twice daily.

    CAL Toddy™ - 32 fl oz (4 bottles)
    $193.99 Retail
    $154.95 Wholesale

    CAL Toddy contains 1200 mg calcium per serving plus Vitamin D and mineral cofactors shown to promote calcium uptake. 4 Pack.

    CocoPlus Combo™
    $109.99 Retail
    $87.95 Wholesale

    Foundation nutrition plus targeted nutrients to support bone health and immune function.

    Each Combo contains one bottle each of BEYOND OSTEO-FX - 32 oz and CocoGevity Plus - 32 oz (featuring the luscious taste and antioxidant benefits of dark chocolate and exotic fruits!).

    See individual products for details.

    Bone Building Formula (4 bottles)
    $118.99 Retail
    $94.95 Wholesale

    Bone Building Formula contains calcium and magnesium which along with regular exercise and a healthy diet helps teens and young adult women maintain good bone health.* Suitable for vegetarians. 4 Pack.

    Bone and Tissue Support (4oz) - 4 Pack
    $186.99 Retail
    $149.95 Wholesale

    Bone and Tissue Support contains a proprietary herbal blend of organic or wild-crafted herbs that help support healthy bones connective tissue and skin for a strong physical structure. Includes 4 Bottles ( 4 fl. oz. each)


9 Items

9 Items