Body's Defense 4 ME Power Pack

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As the seasons change, your immune system helps keep you healthy. Changes in temperature as well as changes in your routine can impact your health. This bundle provides you with nutritional support to help keep you healthy and on-the-go during cooler weather and periods of stress. Plus, receive either a Blue or Pink Blender Bottle FREE (color is randomly selected when shipped)


  • ZRadical Liquid – 1 bottle
  • Seasonal Immune Support Pak™
  • Sport-mixer Blender Bottle (A 19.95 w/s VALUE)

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SKU : USYG20288

Who it’s for: Anyone looking to support a healthy immune system during seasonal changes.

What it does: Provides you with nutrients that support a healthy immune system and antioxidants for overall support.

What sets this product apart? Includes two best-selling products that help support your overall health. ZRadical is made with antioxidant-rich fucoidan that helps support many aspects of health including a healthy immune system. The Seasonal Immune Support Pak includes 30 individual packets of Youngevity’s best-selling immune support products to help you stay healthy while on-the-go.





Made with natural fucoidan (50 mg), which is extracted from three species of brown seaweed in the most pristine ocean waters. For hundreds of years, Eastern civilizations have used Fucoidan for its protective health properties.

Seasonal Immune Support Pak™

This Pak contains Youngevity's best-selling immune-supporting products plus, a powerful Vitamin C tablet to boost immune health.

Blender Bottle

Our 26 oz blender bottles help you quickly mix powders or liquids and stay on-the-go with your nutrition.

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