MAX Indicator™ Initial Enrollment

$210.99 Retail
$169.00 W/S

Get started on your new foreign exchange venture with MAX Indicator. Our Max Indicator Trade Idea Alert System provides you with real-time trade alert ideas, risk assessment updates, access to MAX Trader's Academy, and Live training calls throughout the week that will guide you in learning how to navigate your trading system.


Who’s it for: Anyone who would like to participate in the foreign exchange market.

What it does: MAX Indicator is an Artificial Intelligence oriented software application known as a “Trade idea indicator.” The software is designed to scan the fluctuation of prices and values of many different financial instruments. MAX Indicator then uses this data to produce an information report to the user. The report comes in the form of support and resistance levels of previous highs and lows, as well as alerts that read "BUY" or "SELL" when an ideal trade idea may be available.

MAX Indicator also reports the overall trend direction for the market of the specific instrument chosen by the user. Whether it’s for the “buying” or “selling” of that asset class. If there is a new confirmed "higher" level of price for a specific asset class, that a user chooses to monitor with the software scanner, then an alert may appear in real-time on the user’s screen that reads "BUY." However, If there is a new confirmed lower price level for that instrument, an alert that says "SELL" may appear on the user's screen.

The customer can use this information as potential confirmation of current market activity to assess whether or not they want to place a trade or not.

The goal of the user is to use the visual indicating features of the software platform to identify a current trend as well as identify the risk that exists in placing a trade at that time. Trading is always at the sole discretion of the user.

What sets this product apart?

The software is a reporting tool that scans the financial market to produce information and reports to the user on current market activity. These reports are displayed to the user in the form of words, lines, and colors. The interface of the platform is designed to be simple to understand and welcoming to the user.

The goal of the program is to take reports that are normally expansive and technical in nature and make them simple and concise for an educated user to understand both a new confirmed potential trend as well as the risk that exists in the market at any given time.

All alerts (reports) produced by the software are uniformed and consistent for all users. Alerts are not customized or tailored to any one user’s personal financial goals. All reports and alerts provided by the software are for the markets that the user has chosen to monitor. This is a manual trade system. All trading and risk of capital is performed at the sole discretion of the user.

The value of MAX Indicator software is to save the user time. MAX Indicator can scan the markets and produce reports for users that enable the user to make informed trading decisions. Each user trades at his or her own risk. Users always remain in full control of their trading capital and trading decisions.


Users are encouraged to begin with a practice or demo account and study all the educational videos and manuals provided with the platform before placing any live trades. The alerts provided by the software are for informational purposes only and are not financial advice. Users are encouraged to consult with their own licensed financial advisor if they have any doubts regarding their own risk tolerance. Users are made aware that all trading includes a high level of risk and that they can suffer a complete loss of capital while trading. Users should only trade with capital they can afford to lose. Past performance is not indicative of future results and we never make any guarantees of outcomes. Trading results will vary from user to user and are based on a user’s ability to learn how to use the tools of the software effectively and make important assessments in a timely manner.