Your Grande Adventure Kit

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Ideal if you’re travelling for the 4th of July!

Store and organize with our Essential Oil Case, including 12 mesh pockets for individual oils and room for 30 additional ones. And for the kids, our 8 Essential Oil Blends Kit has oils that helps support aches and pains, better moods, digestion, and more.

SKU : USYG1984

If you’re traveling for the 4th of July, this Kit has you covered!

Safely store and organize your essential oils with our sturdy Essential Oil Case. It includes a small zippered pocket with 12 mesh pockets for individual oils. Plus a large zippered pocket for brochures, flyers, and notes, securely padded with thick foam to easily store 30 additional oils. Our 8 Essential Oil Blends Kit is ideal for the little ones, with a collection of eight oil blends that help support aches and pains, promote better moods, help digestion, and more.

The kit includes: 1 bottle (10 ml) of each essential oil blend: XY™, Comfort Touch™, Physical Care™, Relief™, Heaven Scent™, Earth Scent™, Sweet Soothe™, Organ Master™.

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