Hello Spring

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Breathe in freshness with our Hello Spring Essential Oil Bundle. The refreshing oils in this bundle will help you breathe in a fresh spring and may help support many aspects of mind, body, and atmosphere.

SKU : USYG20420

Who’s it for: Anyone who enjoys the benefits of aromatherapy.

What it does: Provides you with three incredible, refreshing essential oils.

What’s included:

Grapefruit, Pink Essential Oil - 10ml-Grapefruit, Pink is effectively used for a wide-range of physical and emotional needs. It’s also shown to support a variety of skin concerns.

Lemon Essential Oil -10ml - When thinking of Lemon oil, think cleanser, freshener, purifier, stimulant, and disinfectant. Lemon has been found to be beneficial for infections, weight loss, mental clarity, breathing, and cleansing inside and outside of the body; as well as the whole household.

Rose Geranium 10% Roller Bottle - 10ml-Rose 10% is said to be the ultimate oil because of its ability to encourage the production and release of dopamine. Rose has been used in perfumes for its attractive scent for hundreds of years.

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