Gentle and Caring

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Give your body some Gentle and Caring love with this essential oil and soap combo. The uplifting scents in Earth Scent™ will help you inhale mental clarity, while the Lavender Soap will give your body an intoxicating, fresh cleanse.

SKU : USYG20423

Who’s it for: Any man or woman who enjoys the benefits of aromatherapy and body care.

What it does: Provides you with two incredible uplifting and cleansing products.

What’s included:

Simple Man Lavender Soap - This is an ideal bar soap for dry skin. Comfry root is universally known as a skin regenerator that has external healing properties. Organic saponified palm, coconut, and olive oils provide the fatty acids needed to create our soap.

Earth Scent10 ml 2.5% Roller Bottle - Earth Scent™ is used to balance brain function and give mental support in cases of aging or slowing down of the mind. It helps the brain organize thoughts, supports focus and helps reduces overall stress levels. Earth Scent™ works best at the end of the day to help reduce mental chatter and supports a good night’s rest.

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