Harmony Health EMR Smart Patch (3 Pack)

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Our EMR Smart Patch technology may help deliver the protection you need against electromagnetic radiation by helping to minimize electromagnetic radiation coming from devices.

Includes 3 EMR Smart Patches.

SKU : USEW0073
Who’s it for: anyone looking to minimize electromagnetic radiation from cellphones, tablets, phablets, iPads, laptops, and any electronic screen.
What it does: The ePatch Cell Phone EMR Blocker provides a powerful protective shield of neutralizing, balancing and stabilizing energetic signatures, which protects the body from EMR radiation for a minimum of one year.
What sets this product apart: Electromagnetic fields are invisible electrical and magnetic forces that radiate from anything operating on an electrical current. Electromagnetic fields are found wherever there’s electricity and around any object that has an electric charge. The EMR Patch helps to minimize electromagnetic radiation coming from devices.