Wellness Mist [QTY: 2; Give One Get One FREE]

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$20.00 Wholesale
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Give your dog’s immune system a boost with our For Tails Only™ Wellness Mist. Limited time: Get one, give one free!
SKU : USFT600002
For a limited time, when you get one pet mist, you’ll get another pet mist for free you can give away! For Tails Only™ Wellness Mist is specially-crafted to boost your pet's immune system and support your pet's overall health. Made with Plant Derived Minerals™ and essential oil distillate waters, plus an immune boosting blend, this mist will support a healthy immune system. Ingredients: Plant Derived Minerals, Dead Seat Salt, Sandalwood Distillate Water, Roman Chamomile Distillate Water, Witch Hazel Distillate Water, Y-23 Immune Essential Oil Blend.
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