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  1. Turquoise Leather Wrap with Silver Studs
    $19.54 Retail
    $15.18 W/S

    A modern Turquoise Leather Wrap with Silver Studs.

    Price includes GST
  2. Elizabeth Turquoise
    $34.49 Retail
    $27.37 W/S
    Turquoise round bead and silver chain strand.
    Price includes GST
  3. Alyssa Rose Gold Earrings
    $32.19 Retail
    $25.65 W/S

    A pair of high-polish rose gold drop earrings with fish-hook backs. Measures 2.5".

    Price includes GST
  4. Amour Crimson Earrings
    $37.94 Retail
    $30.36 W/S

    A pair of crimson-colored teardrop earrings with antique silver details, complete with fish-hook backs. Measures 2".

    Price includes GST
  5. Simply Pearl Gold Chain
    $29.89 Retail
    $23.69 W/S
    Glass pearl strand with delicate round gold links.
    Price includes GST
  6. Interchangeable Silver Hoop Set
    $36.79 Retail
    $28.64 W/S
    Silver hoop earrings with 3 pairs of interchangeable accents.
    Price includes GST
  7. Amour Crimson Necklace
    $73.59 Retail
    $58.31 W/S

    An antique silver statement piece featuring delicate drops of crimson-colored teardrops. Measures 21.5 inches.

    Price includes GST
  8. Lush Rose Gold
    $87.39 Retail
    $69.23 W/S
    Layered rose gold, gold, and silver chains with delicate beads.
    Price includes GST
  9. Florence
    $51.74 Retail
    $40.71 W/S
    Multicolored acrylic pearl strand with silver chain accents.
    Price includes GST
  10. Alyssa Rose Gold Necklace
    $118.44 Retail
    $94.19 W/S
    Stunning rose gold coins layer perfectly in this VersaStyle™ piece! Measures 33 inches.
    Price includes GST
  11. Promise Necklace
    $103.49 Retail
    $82.57 W/S

    Worn gold VersaStyle™ piece offering pink crystal glass faceted beads and gold filigree accents. Measures 29 inches.

    Price includes GST
  12. Rachel Necklace
    $118.44 Retail
    $94.19 W/S
    Fun VersaStyle™ piece with bright faceted glass jewels framed by antique gold on one side and antique filigree design on the other. Measures 17.5 inches.
    Price includes GST

Showing of 96 total