Restore Kg - 90 Capsules

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Nourish your body with trace minerals essential to proper bodily functions with Restore KG.
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Replenish your body's mineral reserves with Restore KG. Each capsule contains a balance of all the trace minerals essential to proper bodily functions harvested from the "zone of regeneration" off the coast of Kona, Hawaii. Unlike land-based mineral supplements, Restore KG is free of heavy metals and man-made pollutants. Moreover, Restore KG's formulation has been carefully balanced to be similar to human blood, its concentration of life-supporting sea-based minerals is quickly assimilated into your body. Benefits include: Stronger and healthier skin, hair, teeth, bones and muscles. Supports proper organ and nervous system functions. Promotes improved immunity, growth and fertility. A boosted metabolism allowing for easier weight loss. Balanced blood pH levels.
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