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  1. Energy Diffuser Blend Kit
    $49.99 Retail
    $39.95 W/S

    For a quick pick-me-up, infuse your space with the bright, fresh scents in the Energy Diffuser Blend Kit. Discover your new favorite essential oil with this invigorating oil selection. Includes four 5mL bottles.

  2. Slender FX™ True Keto Shake
    $115.99 $115.99 Retail
    $92.95 $92.95 W/S
    Our Slender FX True Keto Shakes deliver an exceptional macronutrient profile, perfect for the ketogenic diet. With healthy fat from MCT, protein from whole egg powder, and a low carbohydrate ratio, they deliver the necessary nutrition to meet your macronutrient goals. They also includes vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in a low-carb diet, to ensure optimal nutrition while on the keto plan. Available in Chocolate Crème or Strawberry Crème.Part of the FXTMfamily of products.
  3. Youngevity FitShake™
    $74.99 $68.99 Retail
    $59.95 $59.95 W/S

    Youngevity FitShake is an all-natural, easily digestible protein powder, with over 20 grams of lean-muscle, gut-friendly protein per serving. With four unique protein sources, this shake is the ultimate way to build, maintain, and recover lean muscle mass and keep burning fat. It naturally contains electrolytes and minerals, along with collagen and gelatin to help support connective tissue, healthy skin, and healthy joints. Enjoy its delicious flavor with water, almond milk, coconut milk, or in your favorite smoothie. Just 150 calories per serving


    Gluten-free, Low Sugar, No Artificial Colors & Flavors

  4. Triple Chocolates
    $46.99 $46.99 Retail
    $37.95 $37.95 W/S

    Youngevity Triple Chocolate gives you every bit of indulgence without any bit of guilt. We've combined antioxidant rich dark chocolate with high-quality ingredients to create nutrient-dense, delectable squares and truffles. And each chocolate treat offers a uniquely delicious and satisfying experience. Better health never tasted so good!

    ***Please note chocolate is a seasonal item and may not always be available during the spring or summer. Additionally, ALL sales on food and perishable items, including chocolate, are non-refundable. Sales of 100-count (100ct) chocolates no longer available; 20ct boxes available only since 2019.

  5. Snow Leopard - Nail Wrap
    $15.00 Retail
    $12.00 W/S

    A simple white background hosts leopard spots for a beautiful, winter look. Glossy finish. Tag us! #jamberrynailwraps

  6. Let It Glimmer - Nail Wrap
    $15.00 Retail
    $12.00 W/S

    An elegant metallic ombre creates a classic look for the holidays or any special occasion. Metallic finish. Tag us! #jamberrynailwraps

  7. Fragmented - Nail Wrap
    $15.00 Retail
    $12.00 W/S

    This shiny, multi-colr design will have you dancing all day and night. Metallic finish. Tag us! #jamberrynailwraps

  8. Rockin' Rudy - Nail Wrap
    $15.00 Retail
    $12.00 W/S

    You'll be fa-la-la-laing along with this fun mixed mani holiday design featuring an adorable reindeer, red sparkle, and FaLaLaLa. Sparkle finish. Tag us! #jamberrynailwraps

  9. Rockin' Rudy Jr - Nail Wrap
    $15.00 Retail
    $12.00 W/S

    Rudy makes his appearance on this junior version of this festive design. Little fingers will delight in this fun mixed mani. Sparkle finish. Tag us! #jamberrynailwraps

  10. Gentle and Caring
    $15.00 Retail
    $12.00 W/S

    Give your body some Gentle and Caring love with this essential oil and soap combo. The uplifting scents in Earth Scent™ will help you inhale mental clarity, while the Lavender Soap will give your body an intoxicating, fresh cleanse.

  11. Be The Change Coffee - French Vanilla - Y-Cups 24ct
    $17.99 Retail
    $14.00 W/S

    Enjoy the perfect, single serve cup of French Vanilla Coffee with our Youngevity Be The Change Y Cups™. 


  12. Kiki - Nail Wrap
    $11.25 Retail
    $9.00 W/S
    Kiki - Nail Wrap

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