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    Desiderata Natural Body Scrub - 8 oz.
    US$8.99 Retail
    US$6.95 US$14.95 Wholesale

    Exfoliate your skin for a radiating glow with Desiderata Body Scrub.

    Desiderata Natural Styling Gel - 8 oz.
    US$8.99 Retail
    US$6.95 US$12.95 Wholesale

    Give your hair some natural control with Desiderata Styling Gel.

    BGSE® Mint Toothpaste
    US$8.99 Retail
    US$6.95 Wholesale

    BGSE® Mint creamy Toothpaste safely cleans, refreshes with mint flavor that whitens and protects teeth while freshening breath fo the whole family.

    Happy Feet Organic Foot Cream - 3.07 oz.
    US$15.00 Retail
    US$11.25 Wholesale

    Our luxurious healing and comforting Happy Feet Organic Foot Cream helps to soften and deeply moisturize the skin.

    Happy Feet Foot Spray - 4.43 oz.
    US$12.00 Retail
    US$9.00 Wholesale

    A refreshing and deodorizing spray with aloe vera witch hazel and our exclusive antioxidant blend.

    Happy Feet Foot Scrub - 15.3 oz.
    US$30.00 Retail
    US$22.50 Wholesale

    Exfoliate and renew dry, rough, hardworking feet with the Happy Feet Foot Scrub.

    Gold - 100% Pure Jojoba Oil - 0.5 oz.
    US$10.99 Retail
    US$8.95 Wholesale

    The amazing moisturizing properties of this oil deeply penetrate the skin to promote healing, reduce wrinkles and improve elasticity.

    Gentle Cleansing Pads (40 Pads)
    US$20.99 Retail
    US$16.95 Wholesale

    Gentle Cleansing Pads safely remove makeup, pollutants and dirt while you exfoliate!

    Full 30 mL Oil with dropper
    US$36.99 Retail
    US$29.95 Wholesale

    ProJoba Full supports natural hair growth plus helps with dry flaky or itchy scalp.

    Dublin .8g EyeShadow
    US$15.99 Retail
    US$12.95 Wholesale

    Dublin Eye Shadow will add a matte charcoal color to your eyelids.

    Desiderata Natural Conditioner - 12 oz.
    US$11.99 Retail
    US$9.95 US$18.95 Wholesale

    Restore strength and shine to your hair with Desiderata Natural Conditioner.

    Mango and Pomegranate Candle - 10oz Tin
    US$20.00 Retail
    US$15.00 Wholesale
    Mango and Pomegranate Candle

Showing of 411 total

Showing of 411 total