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    Bone and Tissue Support
    US$49.99 Retail
    US$39.95 Wholesale

    Bone and Tissue Support contains a proprietary herbal blend of organic or wild-crafted herbs that help support healthy bones, connective tissue and skin for a strong physical structure.

    Advanced Mobility Program
    US$86.99 Retail
    US$69.95 Wholesale

    BIO FUEL CAL/MAG 100 FLEXI-CARE PLUS Every component works synergistically to provide a natural solution for healthy joint and mobility maintenance.

    Flexi-Care Plus
    US$33.99 Retail
    US$26.95 Wholesale

    FLEXI-CARE PLUS Advanced Joint Care Pain and stiffness in your joints? Find relief! FLEXI-CARE PLUS is comprehensive nutritional care for your joints cartilage connective tissues and skin with MSM Glucosamine and Type I Collagen in one convenient maximum strength formula.

    Cal Mag 100
    US$24.99 Retail
    US$19.95 Wholesale

    CAL/MAG 100 - Optimal Bone Protection Build strong bones early in life and keep them strong for a lifetime! CAL/MAG 100 delivers 100% of the U.S. Daily Value of Calcium and Magnesium plus Vitamin D in a scientifically balanced formula that is easily absorbed by the body.

    US$36.99 Retail
    US$29.95 Wholesale

    Sta-Restored is uniquely formulated with powerful ingredients that help support joint function. Sta-Restored is a natural alternative in the fight against joint pain. 90 count

    US$34.99 Retail
    US$27.95 Wholesale
    Acti FLEX® delivers fast-acting comfort for stiff joints and aching muscles.*
    Bone Building Formula™ - 150 capsules
    US$30.99 Retail
    US$24.95 Wholesale

    Bone Building Formula contains calcium and magnesium which along with regular exercise and a healthy diet helps teens and young adult women maintain good bone health.

    Suitable for vegetarians.

    DIRECTIONS: Take five (5) capsules per day with meals or as directed by your healthcare professional.

    CocoPlus Combo™
    US$109.99 Retail
    US$87.95 Wholesale

    Foundation nutrition plus targeted nutrients to support bone health and immune function.

    Each Combo contains one bottle each of BEYOND OSTEO-FX - 32 oz and CocoGevity Plus - 32 oz (featuring the luscious taste and antioxidant benefits of dark chocolate and exotic fruits!).

    See individual products for details.

    CAL Toddy™ - 32 fl oz
    US$49.99 Retail
    US$39.95 Wholesale

    CAL Toddy contains 1200 mg calcium per serving plus Vitamin D and mineral cofactors shown to promote calcium uptake. SUGGESTED USE: Take one ounce daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

    Ultimate Osteo fx™ - 32 fl oz
    US$53.99 Retail
    US$42.95 Wholesale

    Ultimate Osteo fx contains a rich complex of nutrients to support healthy bones and joints which not only includes calcium, but also the necessary co-factors needed for optimal calcium absorption such as magnesium, zinc and glucosamine.

    Part of the FXTM family of products.

    Liquid Gluco-Gel™ - 32 fl oz
    US$54.99 Retail
    US$43.95 Wholesale

    Liquid Gluco-Gel is a pleasant-tasting blend of whole food MSM Glucosamine Chondroitin and CMO to support healthy muscles and joints.

    Consume Liquid Gluco-Gel in conjunction with a nutritious diet and with an appropriate physical training or exercise program.

    Gluco-Gel Plus™ - 32 Fl Oz (4 Bottles)
    US$236.99 Retail
    US$189.95 Wholesale

    Gluco-Gel Plus is an All-in-One combination of super antioxidants Mangosteen & Acai with 2000 mg of Glucosamine & Chondroitin that helps support healthy bones muscles and joints. 4 Pack.


Showing of 31 total

Showing of 31 total