Slender FX™ True Keto Shake

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TrueKeto Chocolate Crème Shake delivers an exceptional macronutrient profile, perfect for the ketogenic diet. With healthy fat from MCT, protein from whole egg powder, and a low carbohydrate ratio, it delivers the necessary nutrition to meet your macronutrient goals. It also includes vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in a low-carb diet, to ensure optimal nutrition while on the keto plan
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Unlike many low-carb shakes, this shake specifically targets individuals following a ketogenic diet with a healthy dose of high-quality fat and protein to meet the nutrient profile of a low carb, high fat diet. Plus, it in includes an array of essential vitamins and minerals that may be lacking from a low carb diet. Slender FX™ TrueKeto™ Chocolate Crème Shake Benefits: • Protein from whey and whole egg powder to support muscle building and fat metabolism • Includes MCT powder for metabolic and energy support • Includes highly-absorbable vitamins and minerals • Supports healthy fat loss as a part of a ketogenic diet • High fat and high protein – ideal for Keto 90 Program • No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners
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