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    Trapezium Earrings
    US$28.99 Retail
    US$22.95 Wholesale

    Gold geometric earrings with tiny rhinestones.

    Leather Feather Earring
    US$23.99 Retail
    US$18.95 Wholesale

    Feather-shaped black leather earrings with lightweight silver chains.

    Jewel Drop Earrings
    US$19.99 Retail
    US$15.95 Wholesale

    Gold drop earrings with colorful jewel accents.

    Modern Metal Earrings
    US$20.99 Retail
    US$16.95 Wholesale

    Dainty silver drop earrings with an oval shape.

    Golden Sparkle Earrings
    US$24.99 Retail
    US$19.95 Wholesale

    Gold earrings with lightweight chains and delicate crystals.

    Olivia Earrings
    US$14.99 Retail
    US$11.95 Wholesale
    "Add a touch of blue to your outfit with these classic earrings. Simple beads are the perfect complement to any outfit."
    Amour Fuchsia Earrings
    US$13.99 Retail
    US$10.95 Wholesale
    Bold, beautiful stud earrings with a faceted fuchsia accent.
    Rose Channel Earrings
    US$3.99 Retail
    US$2.95 Wholesale
    Silver drop earrings with pink Swarovski® crystal accents.
    Filigree Earrings
    US$11.99 Retail
    US$9.95 Wholesale

    A pair of drop earrings, featuring delicate golden scrollwork. Measures 2.5".

    Zoe Earrings
    US$24.99 Retail
    US$19.95 Wholesale

    Chunky silver half-hoops with rhinestone accents. Measures 0.75".

    Broadway Earrings
    US$26.99 Retail
    US$21.95 Wholesale

    A sparkling pair of intricate round earrings with burnished silver and rhinestone details. Measures 1".

    Amour Blush Earrings
    US$9.99 Retail
    US$7.95 Wholesale
    A pair of blush-colored teardrops earrings with antique gold details, complete with fish-hook backs. Measures 2".

Showing of 50 total

Showing of 50 total