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    Your Grande Adventure Kit
    US$218.99 US$270.98 Retail
    US$174.95 US$216.90 Wholesale

    Ideal if you’re travelling for the 4th of July!

    Store and organize with our Essential Oil Case, including 12 mesh pockets for individual oils and room for 30 additional ones. And for the kids, our 8 Essential Oil Blends Kit has oils that helps support aches and pains, better moods, digestion, and more.

    Summer Basics First Aid
    US$99.99 US$130.99 Retail
    US$79.95 US$104.95 Wholesale

    Soothe, restore, and energize for the best possible Summer.

    Relieve an upset stomach with Peppermint oil. Boost your immune system with Tea Tree oil and To Be Well. Heal sunburns with Lavender–Mailette and get nutrient-rich support from our Grapeseed Oil. 

    Includes a handy Intro to Essential Oils Booklet.


    For the Mineral Man
    US$124.99 Retail
    US$99.95 US$159.90 Wholesale
    For the dad who loves to take extra care of himself, we have our all-natural Mineral Man Bundle. Add our Breathe Essentially Sport Oil Diffuser to his routine, and he’ll be unstoppable!
    Results Now On-The-Go Oil Kit (10%)
    US$93.99 Retail
    US$74.95 Wholesale
    Take the 7 Results Now Essential Oils with you wherever you go, with the Results Now On-The-Go Oil Kit (10%)!
    Enlighten Your Life's Atmosphere Diffuser Set
    US$230.99 Retail
    US$184.95 Wholesale

    Use the high frequency of these exclusive Youngevity essential oil blends to open up the rooms in your household. These essential oils will encourage you to cue emotions and energies and cleanse the atmosphere of your home. 

    Cross the Finish Line
    US$74.99 US$99.99 Retail
    US$59.95 US$79.95 Wholesale

    Be at your physical best this summer!

    This kit delivers support for the organs, mental alertness, and a good night's rest. Offering one of best ways to experience the therapeutic benefits of essential oils—through direct inhalation—you’ll be ready for whatever the summer brings.

    Summer Recovery
    US$49.99 US$68.98 Retail
    US$39.95 US$54.90 Wholesale

    This kit may help you recover after any summer celebration!

    Copaiba supports the respiratory, immune, and muscular systems. Partner with Dead Sea Bath Salts to help you relax, relieve muscle tension, and enjoy a rejuvenating experience.

    Feelin' Fresh and Fly
    US$86.99 Retail
    US$69.95 US$116.81 Wholesale
    This special essential oil bracelet will help uplift any Dad. This gift also includes three outstanding essential oil blends – Deep Cleanser, To Be Happy, and Prosperity – that will deliver a fresh scent to a deserving dad.
    Children's Blended On-The-Go Oil Kit (1%)
    US$86.99 Retail
    US$69.95 Wholesale
    Treat minor aches, pains, and discomfort with the Children's Blending On-The-Go Kit (1%)! Ultra-portable roller bottles travel well and are conveniently color-coded. Each bottle contains pre-blended oils with Jojoba Carrier oil, for simple, quick application - No mixing required!
    Create a Perfect Day Essential Oil Pak (2.5%)
    US$86.99 Retail
    US$69.95 Wholesale
    Create your perfect day with the aromatic oils in this kit.
    Focus Diffuser Blend Kit
    US$49.99 Retail
    US$39.95 Wholesale
    Be present and attentive with the Focus Diffuser Blend Kit and make the most of every day with these four fragrant diffuser blends. Includes four 5mL bottles.
    Calming Diffuser Blend Kit
    US$49.99 Retail
    US$39.95 Wholesale
    Find your inner zen with the Calming Diffuser Blend Kit. Enjoy the scents of these four ultra-soothing essential oil blends. Includes four 5mL bottles.

Showing of 22 total

Showing of 22 total