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  1. Harmony Health EMR SMART Patch
    $182.59 Retail
    $146.19 W/S

    Our EMR Smart Patch technology may help deliver the protection you need against electromagnetic radiation by helping to minimize electromagnetic radiation coming from devices.

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  2. Harmony Drops 15 Ml Bottle
    $41.79 Retail
    $32.67 W/S

    Helps your body maintain a calm and peaceful state while also providing clarity and mental focus with just one or two Harmony Drops daily on the back of the hand as desired. As a water catalyst, 1 drop per 4-6 ounces of liquid maximizes hydration and harmonic cellular support.

    Price includes GST
  3. Refrigerator Egg
    $124.29 Retail
    $99.22 W/S

    Let the Refrigerator Harmony Egg extend the lifespan of your produce and other foods kept in your refrigerator.

    Price includes GST

3 Items