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Announcing the launch of the new website!

Hello Youngevity Associates,

For those of you who missed the sneak-peek presentation at the Convention in Las Vegas, and the sneak-peek webinar last week, we have great news. Youngevity and SolutionX are proud to announce that the new website system is launching today! We would like to invite you to join us for the kick-off webinar tomorrow, Wednesday, May 25th at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern. Please click this link to register: The webinar will be recorded for those of you who are unable to attend live.

We’ve worked hard to deliver a beautiful looking website that provides you with a robust marketing tool you can be proud of. Finally, you’ll have a website that presents the Youngevity message in a concise, compelling way, gives you a web office to help manage your business, and helps you stay connected to your team via the Youngevity community. We will send you another email today as soon as the new website is live so you can take a look for yourself.

The Two Website Options

There will be two types of websites: Free and Pro.

Just like the name implies, the Free site is a very basic profile page that displays your information along with links to shop or join. It’s free and will include access to your business reports and the brand new Youngevity social community.

Pro has the features that will help people who are serious about building their Youngevity business. It’s packed with benefits (outlined below). A Pro website will accelerate your business by giving you online tools you and your prospects can access 24/7. The Pro website will be available for $19.95 a month, or $199 a year (a $40 annual savings).

All of you have a version of the current YoungevityOnline website right now. Most of you are on the Basic (free) subscription. There will continue to be a Free and a Pro subscription with the new YoungevityOnline website. However, everyone who upgrades their current website to the Pro subscription during the next few weeks will get to keep the $16.95/month price FOREVER. This offer will remain for a limited time only, so upgrade now! Those who wait to upgrade will pay the normal price of $19.95/month. Login to your current website and upgrade to Pro today!

Making the Transition Simple

The new YoungevityOnline website has so many new features that we’re giving you a couple of weeks to transition into it. During this "Beta Launch", both the Old and New versions will be "live." Take this time to familiarize yourself with the new site and decide whether you’re going "Free" or "Pro". And if you have a hard time finding your way around, don’t worry – your current site will still be live.

During this Beta Launch:

  • You can access BOTH websites.
  • Your current website will remain the same, at your URL.
  • You can access the NEW website by entering Simply replace “username” with your YoungevityOnline username.
  • You can use your current username and password to login to both places.
  • There will be a button at the top of your current website that allows visitors to browse your NEW website.
  • All users will have access to the Pro features. For those of you who are still deciding whether or not to upgrade to Pro, this gives you a chance to see all of the powerful tools and features that are offered. Remember, those who upgrade during the Beta period will get to keep the $16.95/month price FOREVER.
  • You can report any programming "bugs" through our Website Support Portal, where we’ll quickly fix them before fully transitioning to the new site.

Pro vs. Free

Let’s take a look at what the Pro site will have to offer:

The new site has been completely redesigned. The main goal of the website is to guide people down a clear path, with clear calls to action to order, join, or give you their contact information so you can follow up and tell them your personal Youngevity story.

Those who choose the Pro subscription will have access to these tools and features:

- Full tour experience (company, product, opportunity, science, etc.) to help pre-qualify prospects.
– The Tour Library containing free resources for your prospects.
– 2 additional Micro Sites and 1 Landing Page to help you market and capture leads based on specific interests. (More to come!)
– Prominent links to the Join page (Enrollment), Order page, and a Contact Me page.
Prospect management to help you follow-up effectively.
– Use the Take Action feature to help you schedule tasks and action items.
– Send team members and prospects resources such as email, PDFs and video.
– Get inspired training from video clips, leader blogs and more.
Access to more downloads and marketing resources.
– Be the first to hear news and announcements from corporate offices and around the industry.
– Use the Calendar and Youngevity-branded Email for coordination and communication.
– A help section has also been provided to give you quick tips and instructions regarding each section and functionality.
FREE use of Deductr: a program to help you easily maximize your tax deductions as a Youngevity associate. (A $26 per month value!)
– And more

We hope this gives you an exciting preview of the new Youngevity marketing tool set. Thanks for being a part of the team. If you have any questions, we are happy to help.

The Youngevity Website Team

P.S. We’re also working on a brand new Shopping and Enrollment experience that will be released Summer of 2011