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Tom & Denice Chenault

Denice and Tom Chenault ARE Youngevity. They don’t do it part time or full time…they do Youngevity ALL the time. Tom has had a varied and colorful past. From restaurateur to airplane salesman to stock broker he has done it all. And it was a search for that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And then Youngevity and Dr. Joel Wallach came into their lives. And along with it came meaning and passion. The Chenault’s had finally found a way to positively impact the lives of virtually every one they met.

The Chenault’s raised three children with their Youngevity business put them through college with no student loans and launched them in their lives. Now they are empty nesters, travelling the country talking with and training Youngevity distributors. The new Porsche Carerra 4s Convertible awarded to them by Youngevity has them travelling in style. While they live part time in San Antonio, Texas and Longmont, Colorado, their residence is pretty much where the Youngevity action is! The lifestyle afforded them by Youngevity has truly given them the “big three”…time, money and above all…GREAT HEALTH!

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Sheryl Morley

Sheryl grew up in a small Idaho farming community, the oldest of seven children. Her father worked day and night at several jobs earning just enough for the family to survive, and her mother, who was often ill, depended heavily on Sheryl to help care for the other children.

“I always had big dreams,” says Sheryl, “I just didn’t know how to go about achieving them. I tried different colleges and majors, but nothing worked for me. I suffered from low self-esteem, no self-confidence, no direction, and no idea what I was going to do with my life.”

She moved to Phoenix and thought she landed the job of her dreams: assistant manager at Taco Bell. Her take home pay was $800 a month, which did not cover all of her bills, and the job of assistant manager meant that she did everything the manager did not want to do, and she worked 60 hours a week. To make matters worse, eating all the free Taco Bell food and soda pop caused her health to deteriorate, leaving her with a lot of extra weight and arthritic knees. She asked her mother for advice. Her mother sent her “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie,” and kept urging her to follow Dr. Wallach’s program to improve her health. But her conventional doctors led her to believe she should expect continual declines in health and would have to live off of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Sheryl thought her situation was hopeless and initially refused to follow her mother’s advice. Finally, desperate for a solution, she listened to the CD and began following Dr. Wallach’s advice. Her health improved thereafter, and she has never experienced the health decline her doctors predicted.

Sheryl moved back to Idaho in search of a job. Her mother urged her to consider working for Dr. Wallach who was doing health seminars across the country. When American Longevity (the precursor to Youngevity) was formed, Dr. Wallach gave her two great options. He said, you can work in the main office if you like, and receive a regular salary, or you can become a distributor and build your own business. Struggling with the options, she planned to tell Dr. Wallach that she would work in the main office, thinking that would be the most secure option, but when she stood before him she blurted out, “I want to be a distributor!” At the time she did not know why she had said that, and thought she made a mistake. But soon she realized that life as a Youngevity distributor was far more spectacular than she could have ever imagined! It took lots of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, but she loved helping people and she built a great business with residual income and perks like the car of her dreams. She continued to follow Dr. Wallach’s nutritional recommendations religiously. She lost 35 pounds, she began to look and feel a lot better, and that improved health and sense of well being has continued for decades.

Dr. Wallach’s influence extended even beyond her physical and financial health. He was the one who introduced Sheryl to her eventual husband, Jonathan. After taking some time off from Youngevity to raise twins, she returned to active participation in Youngevity, building her downline with dozens of new distributors. She has become a Youngevity Ambassador in the process, the second person to achieve that rank in the company’s history.

“It was a little scary when I got back in,” she says, “but my husband was a strong supporter, and since I grew up in the company, it seemed like home.”

Sheryl always leads with the CEO Pak but is thrilled that Youngevity has so many product options. “Youngevity offers something of interest for everyone,” she says.

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T.C.B. Properties LLC

Todd Smith and Blake Graham

In addition to building a large and very strong organization, these gentlemen have proven to be the masterminds behind the best training in Network Marketing. Along with their team of support staff, they have reached new levels of excellence in the areas of support and training. In fact, they’ve created training and marketing materials that are used all over the world!

They are a truly powerful duo whose personalities complement each other in all that they do, whether it’s forging new territory or bringing the business opportunity and our great products to a new country, such as Australia or Japan, these men have done it all!

With Youngevity virtually from the start, their rapid success inspired us to create a new upper echelon of our compensation plan. Todd and Blake were our first ever Senior Vice Chairman Marketing Directors. Since then, their leadership has helped propel many people to new levels of success – both within their organization and company wide.

They are both passionate about the products as well as the business opportunity offered by Youngevity, and they share this passion with all who will listen!

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Dr. Corey Gold, DDS

Dr. Corey Gold was the co-founder and President of ProJoba™ International. Having been involved in the network marketing industry for nearly two decades, he is recognized for helping introduce flower pollen products to the general public. Along with being a top-performing distributor for several networking companies, he has been the President of both publicly-traded and privately-held network marketing companies. A noted product formulator, Dr. Gold developed the very popular ProJoba™ flower pollen drink, Pollen Burst®. Additionally, he has taken his expertise and spoken around the world on both the areas of nutritional supplementation and how to successfully develop a networking business.

Dr. Gold received his Doctorate in Dental Surgery from the University of California, San Francisco in 1988. However, prior to that, he received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from California State University Fullerton, and received a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Sciences from the University of California, San Francisco. He then practiced dentistry for over 12 years and had several articles published. Dr. Gold is also the President of Advanced Continuing Education Systems (ACES), which is an accredited continuing education provider for dental professionals.

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Dr. Luis and Evelia Arriaza

Dr. Luis Arriaza was born in South Central Los Angeles after his parents immigrated to the United States from Central America. At six months of age, Dr. Luis found himself fighting off a near fatal illness that kept him hospitalized for almost a year. He was diagnosed with a severe case of spinal meningitis and according to his treating pediatricians, Dr. Luis would be a paraplegic that would never be able to walk and would speak with an impediment. By the age of four, Dr. Luis was considered a perfectly healthy child, with no clinical evidence that he had ever been ill. From an early age, Dr. Arriaza has dealt with adversity and has overcome it. He passionately believes that we are all born with a calling and that we have a responsibility to live it out.

He is an international wellness speaker, businessman and Doctor of Chiropractic that has toured the world sharing his powerful message. He graduated from chiropractic college at the young age of twenty-four. Within a three-year period he owned and operated several successful health practices in Southern California. . His experience in the art of healing has taught him the power of intent, compassion and of the human spirit.

Through his work in healthcare, he developed a passion for nutrition and detoxification. He is the co formulator of the True2Life nutritional supplement line that is sold worldwide.

His success opened new platforms for him that ultimately led him to the network marketing industry. He has extensive experience in network marketing and has coached teams nationally and internationally for some of the most prestigious companies in the industry. He has earned and helped others earn, millions of dollars through network marketing.

Not only has he achieved financial success but most importantly personal and spiritual fulfillment. He is married to his soul mate, Evelia and has three awesome boys, Fabian, Isaiah and Elisha.

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Andre Vaughn

Unbeknownst to me, partnering with Youngevity has been one of the most pivotal moments in my life. I always believed “what good is having wealth without your health” but I was not honestly living what I believed. However, after hearing and understanding the wealth of knowledge Dr. Wallach has I would be doing a disservice to others and myself if I did not share 90 for Life with everyone I come in contact with.

Sharing 90 for Life has become a norm for me. I have heard and seen testimony after testimony and I am still in awe at the power we have to change the face of the world.

We are a 90 for Life family; my wife, daughters, and I are taking the products and have never felt healthier.
My message to everyone is “Do not count yourself out.” In order to become passionate about 90 for Life you must become 90 for Life.

This is only the beginning. Youngevity will create more millionaires and more multimillionaires. You have the power to create the lifestyle of your dreams. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, and don’t rest until you have accomplished your dreams and goals. Put your blinders on and JUST GO!!!!

Youngevity is going to be the vehicle for me to help others fire their boss and to take control of their lives. I want everyone to be in a position of power…the power to choose their own destiny. Now is the time for you to start earning what you are worth. If you do not do it for yourself, do it for your children and your grandchildren. I know this opportunity will allow my daughters to be able to retire when they graduate high school. That’s part of the legacy I want to leave. What type of legacy are you going to leave?

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Dave & Barb Pitcock

It was in the heart of Kansas in the small town where they grew up where Dave and Barb Pitcock got started together in the industry in their early twenties with two babies and one on the way. Dave was a professional bull-rider and Barb a beautician and dance studio owner. The Pitcock’s were actually in a bankruptcy situation in 1996. It was the industry of home based business and a company that had life changing products and a proven system that helped them break free. They retired in their early twenties, made millions of dollars and became top selling authors with their story.

In just 90 days the Pitcock’s replaced their income to be full time stay home parents and have never looked back.

They’ve been top leaders in the industry for over a decade going to the top of two companies and starting their own company LIVINITY in 2006. Their company was a six year old growing and thriving debt free company. It was the summer of 2012 when they learned of Youngevity and realized that there is not another company out there that has this story – these products – the magic and an opportunity just like they had in 1996 to not only make millions of dollars themselves, but to help so many others do the same. It was a big decision – but the Pitcock’s believed it was the best decision with the best opportunity for their entire organization. The Pitcock’s brought their entire company to Youngevity knowing that this company is poised to become the leader of the industry and hit the billion dollar mark in the near future.

Dave and Barb have 3 children – Brooklyn who is 19, Chance who is 18 and Kali is 16. Over a decade ago they found an opportunity that literally set them free for life – and today they believe it is de ja vue – Youngevity is poised, ready and the perfect vehicle to help others achieve exactly what they did and that is why they are here.

Dave and Barb have raised their kids working from home and being full time parents. This business allowed them to “not miss anything!” and travel the world with their kids. Everyone deserves this opportunity! Everyone is looking for hope and a way to break free! The Pitcock’s have one mission – change the lives of everyone they meet with the HOPE that Youngevity gives for a better lifestyle and a longer healthier quality life.

Today they live in Hays, Kansas and host weekly meetings and trainings all over the nation.

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Keith Halls

Keith Halls is one of the “most successful persons ever in the history of Network Marketing, having succeeded and done what probably no one has ever done before”. Keith has been an icon in the industry for over 25 years. He is the only person who has made more than 25 million dollars on the corporate side and then, at the height of his career he left to become a Distributor where he once again earned over 10 million dollars. He built an international downline over 500,000 distributors (approximately) within 4 years. Keith has built huge downline’s in not one, but two different companies. Today, Keith is the most sought after Key Note Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, Author, Trainer and Consultant to the Industry.

Keith began his networking career back in 1984, when a friend introduced him to the industry. At the time, he was a CPA and planning to go to law school. But after hearing and listening to the story of a new company, one that had not yet opened its doors, he left the dream of law school behind to be one of the 7 original shareholders and top executives of the company they called, NuSkin.

NuSkin Enterprises is a multibillion dollar Company and one of the largest and most successful Companies ever in the industry. He worked there as a Senior Vice President and a member of the Board of Directors. After 17 years of working there and being instrumental in helping with their public offering on Wall Street in 1996, Keith left in 2001 to pursue another dream…the dream of becoming a distributor. He knew that no one had ever reached his level on the Corporate side and then left to become a distributor and succeed….but he was excited by the challenge. His main goal? To teach others how to succeed in the industry and to create for himself a long term residual income check.

Keith’s first nine months as a Distributor were one’s of disappointment and failure. “After 9 months, I had only about $3,000. Nine months of 60-80 weeks. I used to earn more than that in day as an Executive”. Close to quitting and admitting defeat, Keith thought he had reached the bottom. “Things only got worse. On Easter Eve in 2003, my wife told me she was leaving for another. I was devastated”. That night, praying for God to “bring him home”, he had 2 dreams that changed his life and career. Afterwards, he woke and felt guided to write the things necessary to succeed. He called them, “The Nine RULES of Success” . He has lived and breathed and taught each one since that day. As he shared them with his downline and as he applied them himself, his results changed..Dramatically! Within a year, Keith was earning over $100,000 a month and most importantly, others were succeeding too.

Keith is now on to his next adventure with Youngevity. His story from rags to riches, his determination in overcoming a brain tumor and 8 abdominal surgeries, his kind and humble demeanor as well as his ability to reach the hearts of the audience, have made him immensely popular and highly sought after. His book, “The 9 Rules to Succeed in Network Marketing” is becoming one of the most widely read and used books ever.

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Cody McKinley

Cody McKinley is an entrepreneur. He has an extensive background and professional knowledge in direct sales, health & wellness products, public speaking, marketing and advertising. A forever student of personal development, social media and the internet, Cody received his training and education by joining home based businesses at the young age of 21 years old. Cody has been acknowledged by the direct sales industry and featured in Success From Home Magazine. He is a co-founder in multiple start up company’s and is in high demand for connecting successful entrepreneurs with other successful entrepreneurs. This has resulted in many consulting contracts with many top successful Entrepreneurs in the direct sales industry. Cody remains very active donating his time to help other people and entrepreneurs make a positive difference on this planet. Cody has been said to be a major connecting force bringing very bright minds together to make a positive difference.



Joyce Riley

Joyce Riley likes to joke that she broadcasts her daily radio show, The Power Hour, from her home in “nowhere Missouri.” But her rural location doesn’t stop Joyce from sharing her passion with a legion of loyal listeners.

A registered nurse for over 30 years and a captain in the U.S. Air Force, Joyce started the radio show a decade ago to help inform and empower others. Now, as a Youngevity distributor, she’s proud to be helping even more people by telling them about the quality health products as well as the great business opportunity.

A Desire to Help “I want people to be able to have a product that they can use and benefit from and also make money,” she says. “There are so many people, especially today, who really need this opportunity.”

Joyce discovered Youngevity during a lengthy search for a health product that would effectively bring back her health. “In 1991, I was part of the Air Force reserve in Desert Storm and we were given too many vaccines—some of them experimental ones—which I believe is what made me ill.

“This was the first time I’d become ill with anything that gave me a challenge, and traditional medicine had nothing to offer me. I began to look at alternative, or integrated, medicine as a way to help myself and other troops who had become ill.”

That search, Joyce says, led her to buy and try a wide variety of products, 95 percent of which didn’t work at all. Then she found Youngevity. “The first thing I tried was the 90 For Life package,” she says. “But even before trying that, I was immediately drawn to the company because of Dr. Joel Wallach’s philosophies. What he said about why we get sick and how we get well just made sense to me. I thought it was brilliant.”

Once she began using the products, Joyce continued to be impressed. Because of her established radio show, Joyce could quickly tell a large audience about her experience. Hearing on-air testimonials of her callers’ health improvements was compelling and helped Joyce further realize what an impact she could have by telling people about Youngevity.

“I can’t build this business for people, but what I can do is give them a chance to do it themselves,” she says. “On our radio show, we like to say ‘Buy from the good guys.’ That is a great philosophy about supporting companies like Youngevity that are making quality products and helping people.”

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Ashley & Duffy James

New to network marketing, Duffy and Ashley James quickly fell in love with Youngevity after hearing Dr. Glidden explain the many health benefits of science based, clinically verified wholistic nutrition. Experiencing the unsurpassed quality of Youngevity’s products convinced Duffy and Ashley that building the Youngevity’s business was a natural fit. “We jumped right in and started sharing all of Dr. Glidden’s webinars, radio show episodes and CDs with our friends and family. Everyone we came in contact with was introduced to Dr. Glidden, Dr. Wallach and Youngevity. Many people where inspired by Dr. Glidden’s message and chose to join for the health opportunity but, like us, soon realized they too needed to build the business to spread the word. Like Dr. Glidden says in all of his webinars ‘healing is easy’. Whether you joined Youngevity for the health opportunity or the wealth opportunity, growing this business is about helping people. Our team’s motto is MISSION BEFORE COMMISSION!”

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Jonny Steele

Jonny Steele was born in Boise, Idaho, the 5th of 10 children. Being raised on a farm, he learned the importance of health at a young age. In High school he was a skilled wrestler and a promising soccer player. Over the years he has developed a passion for challenging the body and mind. He enjoys spending time on the adventurous biking trails of Moab, the icy cliffs of Provo canyon, the grueling courses of Tough Mudder, any soccer field to be found, and as shown here with his brother, Sam, fishing on beautiful Yellowstone Lake.

When Jonny began sharing the ’90 for life’ message, he was playing professional soccer for the Phoenix Monsoon. His teammates were astonished at the level of intensity and stamina he was able to maintain throughout the game, as well as quick recovery from exercise. Not only has he experienced the benefits of Youngevity first hand but has seen significant transformations in the health of many distributors, family and friends. The satisfaction of helping these individuals take control of their health ultimately became the driving force behind his passion and commitment in sharing Dr, Wallach’s message across the country.

Jonny is currently living amongst the pine trees in Flagstaff, Arizona. He is dedicated to helping others understand the freedoms that come with good health and is motivated to promote ’90 for life’ with no signs of slowing down!

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Myrna Morales

Myrna Morales thought she would be permanently disabled due to osteoporosis. That was before she drove 5 hours from Los Angeles to hear Dr. Wallach speak in St. George, Utah. Intrigued by his message, Myrna started taking Youngevity products, and after just 3 months she was thrilled with the results. Today she reports she is “99% better!”

Before becoming a Youngevity Distributor, Myrna worked in the medical industry, so she is well aware of the perils of the current health care system. She still works evenings as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), but her passions are networking and introducing people to Dr. Wallach’s message and the quality of Youngevity products. She knows that once people try the products, they will be hooked, because the products work! That’s why she carries various sample products in her purse to give out to people she meets during the day. Oftentimes she has to refill her purse by early afternoon!

Those that know Myrna will tell you she a high achiever with loads of energy. At conventions and meetings you’ll find her searching out top leaders so she can pick up pointers and tips. Her Youngevity business is her first experience in network marketing, but she’s convinced it is the best profession in the entire world! She’s building a strong team in California but a major segment of her business is located in the Philippines. Myrna supports them through emails and social media, and also makes several trips a year to work with them in person.

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Peggy Lapsley

Having worked with doctors for 35 years, Peggy is no stranger to the reality that doctors often do not “fix” health problems and that sound nutrition is definitely a better path. Although she had no experience as a network marketer, she decided to quit her full-time employment to begin representing Youngevity—“the Cadillac of mineral companies.” Every week she went to training meetings with friends. Together they got motivated and learned about natural products and the Youngevity Compensation Plan. Her upline eventually asked her to start giving some of the presentations, which was nerve-wracking at the time, but it turned out to be a key to her success.

Peggy is passionate about sharing Dr. Wallach’s CD’s. She distributes them to prospects and tells them she wants their opinion on the information. “The money is in the follow-up,” she says, “so I am diligent about getting back to them in a few days.” Peggy knows that the products can absolutely change the world of health care and she is on a mission to educate everyone she can. She loves the integrity of Youngevity and how Steve Wallach “always tries to do the right thing.”

How has Youngevity changed her life? She loves being able to work from home in her pajamas, especially during tough Iowa snowstorms. She has a new house, drives the car she wants to drive, owns two Arabian horses, and has the time flexibility to go to horse shows. “I define ‘rich’ as not owing anybody any money, having good health, and the best friends in the world,” she says. “Youngevity has definitely allowed me to become rich!”



Maria Roybal

Maria had been searching for a good business opportunity when her nephew, Jimmy Duran, introduced her to Youngevity. She was immediately impressed with the power of the Compensation Plan, especially the coding bonuses. Then she started trying the products and became familiar with Dr. Wallach’s message and mission of good health. Maria quickly realized this was a company worthy of her best efforts, and since signing up in March of 2013, she has worked tirelessly to build a business that has propelled her to Senior Vice Chairman Marketing Director.

“With the Youngevity products and compensation plan, there is no reason why a person can’t be successful in this business!” says Maria.

Maria’s husband is a high school English teacher, but he will soon be joining her in Youngevity when he retires. They live in Los Angeles, but she has thriving downline groups in Phoenix, Chicago, Puerto Rico, and Panama. Maria will often spend a week in each location working with her team. She is a big believer in Luis Arriaza’s simple business system and she’s using it very successfully to fulfill her “why,” which is to improve the lifestyle of her family and to leave a positive legacy for her two children.

Maria focuses mainly on the business opportunity. According to her upline, “Maria is a real go getter. She usually has 3-7 one-on-one presentations per day!” Another upline mentor adds, “She’s a ‘do it first’ type of leader. She’s decisive, coachable, resourceful and has integrity like few people we know.”

“God gives us everything,” Maria declares, “and all we have to do is to reach out and take advantage of it!”

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Rhonda Anderson

In 1987 Rhonda’s family tradition of photo albums sparked the birth of Creative Memories – a company committed to helping people celebrate and preserve photos and stories. One of her greatest joys is helping people with photos, fitness and faith so she was thrilled to join Youngevity in February, 2014 where all three of these passions could be shared. At Youngevity, she has developed a line of traditional scrapbooking products called Our Memories for Life, which is sold under the Heritage Makers brand. Rhonda’s years of building trusted relationships with thousands of Consultants and customers has impacted her meteoric growth at Youngevity. She reached the Senior Vice Chairman Marketing Director rank in just two months!

Rhonda has also co-authored two books, she has spoken on hundreds of radio and television programs and has been interviewed by newspapers and magazines worldwide. She continues her full-time involvement with Youngevity leading her team of over 5,000 distributors as well as overseeing the development of additional products for Our Memories for Life. Rhonda has been married for nearly 35 years to Mac and together they have four grown children and eight grandchildren.

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Jimmy Duran

As an electrician, Jimmy Duran never dreamed he would one day be enjoying luxury vacations, car bonuses, fantastic monthly earnings, and meeting lots of wonderful people from all over the U.S. Then he met Dr. Luis Arriaza and everything changed.

“I was working with another electrician,” reports Jimmy, “who had been with the same company for 35 years. One day he told me how much he earned and it was not very impressive. I wanted to do better. Now, after just a few months with Youngevity, I make 3-4 times what my co-worker makes and I feel very blessed!”

Jimmy is very grateful to Dr. Arriaza, who spent considerable time and effort to help him get started. Even though he is five generation levels below his upline mentor, Jimmy received important leadership training that put him on a fast track in the business.

“At first, the coding bonus really caught my attention,” explains Jimmy, “but then I listened to Dr. Wallach and tried the products. I got really excited about what I could do with this great company!”

Jimmy focuses on letting people know how they can start a business and get their money back right away. He urges people to try the 90 For Life products and also Liver Detox. Then he encourages them to invite three people to a meeting, where he can explain how easy it is to build a business in Youngevity.

He has a big vision for the future—he wants to get 20 of his team members earning $10,000 a month. Personally he is shooting for $60-80K in earnings per month so he can afford his dream of owning a BMW, a house in Newport Beach, a mountain home, and of course, taking more luxury vacations!



Laura Scruby

Laura was born in London, England, lived in Italy from age four, and came to the United States when she was 21. Her mother was from the Northern part of Italy and Laura grew up eating farm-rich food from volcanic soils and enjoying old world cuisine. When she came to the U.S. she was horrified to discover that the common denominator in most foods was grease, salt, sugar, and artificial colorings. “In time I learned that high quality foods are available,” she says. “I just had to spend more time locating the stores where it could be found.”

In 1993 Laura heard Dr. Wallach’s message about the importance of colloidal minerals and it totally hit home because she had believed from her teens that good nutrition had an impact on one’s future health. As she listened to Doc speak about minerals lacking in our foods, the light bulb turned on, because she could compare the foods she grew up with to the “depleted” foods she found in American supermarkets.

Laura has been promoting Dr. Wallach at Portobello Natural Health since the 90’s. She’s very thankful to be able to spread the word in her small way and for the many customers she has been able to help who have touched her life.

“I’ve always had the highest esteem for Doc Wallach,” she says. “I find his energy and persistence very inspiring and it motivates me to work harder.

What has this business meant for Laura? It has helped her support her family for the last 20 years and has given her a chance to support local charter schools that are privately funded. She loves being part of the Youngevity family and plans to continue for as long as needed to help Doc spread the word.



Naseema Shidi

Naseema got started in Youngevity through Ted Anderson of GCN Radio Network, and and Alex Jones. Alex is one of the top hosts of that network who is an active supporter and promoter of Youngevity products. He has interviewed Dr. Wallach, Theo Ratliff, pharmacist Ben Fuchs, Dr. Corey Gold, and others and continues to generate huge listener interest in Youngevity.

She had limited exposure to MLM and no prior experience with radio marketing, but her background in project management and hard work made this mass communication/e-commerce venture highly successful. She also credits the support of Michael Zwerling, radio station owner of KSCO in Santa Cruz, California, and Phyllis and Andy Anderson who trained Naseema on many of the company processes and procedures, including answering phones from listeners. She quickly was up to speed, and in turn trained several distributors and customers, and sought out specific distributors for training to become phone reps for the Alex Jones Youngevity Info Wars Team.

Health and wellness has always been a strong area of interest for Naseema. She immediately resonated with Dr. Wallach’s message of proper nutrition. “I tell people if Doc Wallach is speaking anywhere near them, they need to re-arrange their schedule so that they can attend and listen to his lecture.” she says, “because they need to hear and experience first hand the amazing message he has to offer.” She also enjoys learning from other health experts associated with the company.

Naseema has two adult children who are both Youngevity product users and involved in the business, and two young grandchildren who also use some products. Her initial “why” for working like crazy was to make it a very successful business for her then husband and wife team. However, now in addition to that, some of her “why” items are to pay off her house mortgage, enhance her lifestyle (including travel options) and build a nice “nest egg” for her children and grandchildren. She’s a strong proponent of setting specific goals and then adjusting them or making new goals periodically as her goals are met.



Wendy and Kyle McGee

Wendy has always enjoyed the challenge and fulfillment of working at a career. But as a mother of school-aged children, she was often conflicted about being away from home. She was on the lookout for an option that would allow her to work from home on her own schedule. Then her friend Sharon Murdoch told her about a company she had started to help people preserve their photos and memories in custom-published storybooks. At the time, the digital publishing industry was in its infancy and Wendy fell in love with the concept. Even though she had no experience in direct sales, Wendy plunged in, and soon became a top achiever in the new company called Heritage Makers.

From the very earliest stages of the company, Wendy set a wonderful example as an inspirational leader, a devoted mentor, and a master trainer. “I think I was born to do this,” she says, “but I didn’t know it until I started to do it. The thing I love most is watching the positive changes that occur in the lives of the women I have worked with. It is simply amazing to watch them become more confident, more empowered, and more passionate about life right before your eyes!”

When Heritage Makers merged with Youngevity, Wendy was thrilled to be able to add a fantastic network of top-quality brands, including nutritional supplements, mineral makeup, weight loss aids, essential oils, and gourmet food storage items to her business. “I am convinced that everything is in place for major growth,” she says. “I feel that Youngevity is at a major tipping point and I can’t wait for the future to unfold!”

The excitement of Wendy’s sales team and the resulting boost to her earnings proved too much for her husband Kyle to resist! He recently left the 47-year-old family business to help Wendy reach even higher levels of success. They love the idea of working together and the fact that they can “buy from themselves” to get the products they use on a daily basis.

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Ernestine Ray

Ernestine is an international educator who has earned an undergraduate degree, 3 master’s degrees, and has participated in two Ph.D. programs (ABD-All But a Dissertation). She spent 12 years working as an educational attaché for the State Department and as a consultant to the Middle States Accreditation Board. During this time, she visited more than 40 countries and worked in 33 countries.

Coming from humble beginnings, Ernestine achieved significant wealth. Then she returned to the U.S. to take care of her ailing mother for a period of 3-1/2 years. Alternative medical treatment and professional caretaking expenses left her completely broke.

In 1997 she started a nonprofit organization, focused on preserving the legacies of cultures around the world. And now, as a Senior Vice Chairman Marketing Director for Youngevity, she has devoted her life to building up and inspiring others. It’s all quite impressive for a person who was diagnosed as “Learning Disabled” in grade school!

Defying the odds has always been a hallmark of Ernestine’s life. She survived metal poisoning while working at a historic site in the States. This turned into a legal battle that lasted for years without a disability income, which affected her already depleted finances and left her physically disabled. In a quest to restore her credit, she was introduced to FDI. Never having done MLM, she was skeptical when someone suggested that she should look into the business side of the company to improve her condition, but there seemed to be few other options. “I was sick, I wasn’t getting disability pay, and I couldn’t work,” she says, “so I decided to give it a try.” Soon she began to see people joining her team in a big way! With some hard work she restored both her health and her finances.

As a young girl, Ernestine dreamed of traveling to exotic places and making a difference in the world. She is well on her way toward achieving this goal and, in the process, she’s experienced incredible self-development. “Youngevity serves as an incubator for my personal growth,” she says. “I pray that one day I’ll be a catalytic agent to inspire growth and development in others. Then I will be able to leave a mighty legacy. That, to me, makes all the difference.”

View Ernestine Ray’s Highlight Video



Jon Bennett

Jon was involved with Biometics for 12 years before the company was acquired by Youngevity. He loves being part of the Youngevity family because it is so fulfilling to earn an income by genuinely helping other people. “Everyone wants to make a difference in their lifetime,” says Jon. “If you have amazing products that really help people, you feel an obligation to get the word out.”

Jon attributes his success to the ability to grow his business with non-traditional methods such as Internet marketing. “When you add the personal touch and follow up, it becomes really amazing!”

After hitting SVCMD in 22 days, Jon’s next goal is to consistently hit $1 million per month in volume. His Youngevity income has totally transformed his life. “I get to wake up daily and do what I love,” he says. “I can pay my bills and I have a bright financial future. I love the fact that I can take lots of time off my business and it still runs like clockwork. I am just thankful to be with a company that allows me to use my skills.”



Sam Steele

Sam received an early education in health and wellness when he was hired by his cousin, Todd Smith, to help out with some of Dr. Wallach’s speaking tours. He was only 13 years old at the time, but the core message of the importance of plant-derived minerals stuck with him ever since. At age 21 he blew out his knee trying to qualify for a collegiate soccer team. He underwent reconstructive surgery, only to re-injure the same knee a year later. He suffered through a second surgery and re-injury, at which point his doctor diagnosed him with a rare bone disease and the need for a full knee replacement. Sam decided that he’d had enough and contacted Todd to explore other options. Todd put him on a concentrated nutritional program, and when he went in to be evaluated for a possible third surgery, the doctors were amazed to see his disease symptoms gone and his cartilage rebuilt! Sam’s been playing soccer ever since.

After graduating from Brigham Young University in Business Management-Entrepreneurship, Sam realized that Youngevity represented one of the best business models available anywhere. He’d experienced firsthand the power of the products and knew many other people would need and want the products, too. He contacted Todd to find out more about the business, and before long, he had many of his friends and most of his 10 siblings involved full-time in Youngevity!

Sam has started several small businesses, so he has experienced the stress and long hours that come with building something from scratch. That’s why he loves the freedom and fulfillment in the network marketing industry. He is eager to achieve higher levels of success as he helps bring Dr. Wallach’s message and the unique products of Youngevity to the world.

View Sam Steele’s Leadership Spotlight Video



Michelle Van Etten

Michelle has a passion for sharing the benefits of health-giving products and loves to build a “family” of friends and business partners who want to embrace a mission bigger than themselves. No wonder she has thrived in Youngevity!

She had tried working a couple of network marketing companies, but things never seemed to gel. Then she met Keith Hall at a convention of the Association for Professional Network Marketers. She hadn’t originally planned to attend the business session of the conference, but something told her she needed to be there, so she changed her reservation. After listening to Keith’s presentation, Michelle realized why she needed to be there. She’s been 100% Youngevity ever since and has experienced rapid growth in her business.

Michelle has perfected a strategy that involves converting satisfied online product purchasers into business builders. Since they already have product stories, they can easily appreciate the marketing potential behind them. “I ask them if they’ve ever talked to their friends about Youngevity products,” she says. “Then I ask them if they knew it was a network marketing company and that they could start receiving ‘gratitude checks,’ when those friends purchased products. After that, my job is to simply show them the generous Youngevity Compensation Plan. They get really excited when they hear about the coding bonuses!”

Michelle is a firm believer in getting people engaged right away by directing them to the “Team Member Resources” page on the Youngevity web site. “I also feel strongly about encouraging them to develop their own voice when it comes to promoting the products and the business,” she says. “That way my availability doesn’t become a bottleneck. I believe that building leadership is more important than building your own ego.”

View Michelle Van Etten’s Leadership Spotlight Video



Henry Ospitia

Henry Ospitia is a radio station owner from Henderson, Nevada. His station, Radio Exito Latino, produces lifestyle enhancement programming including content dealing with financial and physical health. His interest in Youngevity was sparked during the course of a conversation with a business-consulting client. He happened to mention that he was concerned about his high blood pressure and the contact told him about Dr. Wallach. Eager to find a solution, Henry looked Dr. Wallach up on the Internet and was intrigued. That initial research lead to Dr. Luis Arriaza who told him more about the company and got him started.

Henry was very experienced in talking to people about operating both small and large businesses but he lacked support for the wellness aspect of his program. He was very impressed with the variety and quality of the Youngevity product line and soon realized it filled his needs perfectly.

“I was so thrilled when I discovered Youngevity because I had been looking for exactly that kind of product and organization for years,” says Henry. “It’s a one-of-a-kind company!

Henry now promotes the company through his radio station, which reaches 13 countries! He is a skilled communicator but he appreciates the opportunity to represent a world-class organization with an opportunity that is truly life changing.

“If I hadn’t heard about this amazing company, I would not have had the success I am enjoying now!”



Anna Broome

When she joined Heritage Makers in October of 2013, Anna was not aware that Youngevity had just acquired the company. Lisa Nelson and Keith Halls started to share the products with her and she decided to showcase them at a big digital scrapbooking weekend she hosted in January.

“It turned out amazing,” says Anna, “and I am so thrilled I opened my mind to the possibilities, because my business is just growing and growing on the Youngevity side now.”

In fact, Anna was able to promote to SVCMD by her one-year anniversary in October 2014! Credit her success to goal-setting, hard work, scheduled events, and a focus on helping her team to learn and grown. She truly believes that when you focus on helping others achieve their dreams it is inevitable that you will succeed along side them. She knows it’s a simple business, but it is still work.

“Whenever someone says this is ‘hard’ I think about getting up at 5 a.m. after being up with a one-year-old who is teething and a three-year-old with an ear infection and dragging myself to the office, knowing full well that the daycare people would be calling later. Then it would be rock-paper-scissors with my husband to see who would take the kids home… THAT was hard!

Anna never imagined that her photo business would turn into a mission to not only help hundreds of women to be able to make a solid income, but also to help them get healthier, too. She’s been able to pay off nearly $20,000 in credit card debt and she looks forward to building a substantial financial legacy for her family.



Hallie Redd

It was “love at first sight” when Hallie first saw a Heritage Makers storybook at a neighbor’s home. Her father-in-law had just passed away and she wanted to keep his memory alive for her young family. She immediately knew that Heritage Makers was the solution, and after completing her first book, she jumped right into the business.

“I had never done anything like it before. I never saw myself as a salesperson or someone who could stand up in front of people and speak, but I used the passion I had from seeing what my first book had done for my children in terms of connecting the generations.”

To say that Hallie did “well” in her first business would be understating the facts. She consistently achieved the top spot in both sales and recruiting. In the process she has empowered countless women to step out of their comfort zone and “find themselves again” through a career providing income, recognition, and a strong sense of mission.

When Heritage Makers became part of the Youngevity family, she admits she had her doubts about how the two cultures would mix. But then she began using the products and realized how beneficial it was to have so much quality and variety under one umbrella. Thankfully, her leaders also recognized and embraced the new possibilities.

“The Youngevity Compensation Plan makes it so easy to let someone know exactly what they will earn,” says Hallie. It’s so straightforward! Just find four people who will find four people!”

Patti Gardner, Vice-President of Sales at Youngevity, is one of Hallie’s biggest fans. “Hallie is fearless! She’s not afraid to ask the questions that will lead to new customers and new Distributors, and her positive attitude naturally attracts people to her team.”

After many years in direct sales, Hallie is more excited than ever with the potential awaiting anyone willing to say “yes” to the Youngevity opportunity.

“I love it when people are able to quit the job they hate and do what they love full time,” she says. “I believe we have the most amazing company, the best products out there, and inspiring Distributors who I consider to be both my friends and ‘Youngevity family.’ I am so grateful I decided to take a chance on the business years ago. It was the best decision I ever made!”



Maxandra Desrosiers

From taking various temp jobs to survive throughout high school, to building a multi-million dollar mortgage practice by age twenty two, Maxandra Desrosiers is unquestionably one the most driven Youngevity leaders to emerge out of the South Florida business community. Fueled by a sincere passion for helping others, Maxandra now leads Team Velocity, one of the fastest growing distributor teams in the company.

“The time freedom I have been afforded by FDI and now Youngevity is priceless,” raves Maxandra. “I’ve always dreamed of having the ability to travel at will and not be obligated go into the office every day. I can do that now! Most importantly, Youngevity has provided me with a perfect platform to help many people attain great health and weather this economic storm.”

The fourth of eight children, Maxandra was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. At a very young age, she experienced the separation of her parents. Yet she didn’t perceive that as a disadvantage, but as an opportunity to experience two educational styles. Living with her father and stepmother allowed her to develop a very close connection to her father, Fritz Desrosiers, a Haitian entrepreneur who is largely responsible for Maxandra’s business acumen. She would visit her mother frequently, where she learned the power of prayer and spirituality. Today, she upholds that the business principles taught by her father and the faith instilled by her mother are the foundations of her success.

Maxandra is no stranger to adversity. By age twelve she experienced the vicious death of her two older brothers as her family business became targeted by local Haitian gangs. Her mother envisioned a safer future for her in the United States and arranged for her to leave Haiti in an effort to shelter her from further turmoil. In the U.S., Maxandra initially lived with her uncle, who very quickly grew impatient with the added responsibility. After being kicked out of his home, she went on to live with her half sister, but had little to no financial assistance from her father, who had become blind from the chemical effects of his jewelry business. By age sixteen, Maxandra was entirely on her own and eventually took responsibility for her mother and younger sisters upon their entry to the U.S.

Faced with tremendous financial hardship, Maxandra worked multiple jobs, putting aside her dream of attending law school. Immediately after graduating high school, she went to work in two capacities for a Florida based mortgage company; acting as a secretary by day and a telemarketer by night. For months she pursued a promotion to loan processor, to no avail. But her persistence paid off when the owner finally asked her to fill a temporary opening. Her impressive performance would eventually make her an invaluable asset to the company. By age eighteen, Maxandra obtained her mortgage license and quickly became the top producer and highest income earner at the firm. Within two years she had accumulated enough capital to launch her own practice. She worked very hard, at times allocating fourteen to sixteen hours a day to her business. She soon realized that she had become consumed with work, just as her father was. This was a situation she had dreaded growing up.

Maxandra had a deep desire to motivate, empower, educate, and help others reach their full potential. The mortgage business did not allow any time for such pursuits and no longer fulfilled her. She felt she had hit a plateau with her business. Her disenchantment ,coupled with the downturns of the industry in 2007, lead her to ultimately diversify. She tapped into her passion for helping others and rapidly excelled as a top producer at Youngevity.

“I believe my purpose is to share my life with others in an enriching way”, says Maxandra. “I appreciate the fact that Dr. Joel Wallach message’s of 90 For Life empowers me to help people improve their lifestyle. I love what the company stands for. I will continue to work closely with Youngevity and my team, The Velocity Group, to enhance the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical health, and financial growth of individuals.”



Ray & Yolanda Brown

Youngevity added two more dynamic leaders to its “dream team” when Escape International became part of the corporate family. Ray and Yolanda Brown, from Sugarland, Texas, are enthusiastic advocates of fucoidan, which is a sulfated polysaccharide derived from marine plant species. They had experienced tremendous success with Escape’s Zradical formula and have been instrumental in promoting the product’s amazing benefits in supporting immune, cardiovascular, neurological, and joint function. Their enthusiasm is backed up by a considerable volume of scientific research conducted in many parts of the world.

Indeed, Ray and Yolanda are passionate about what Zradical can do for their customers, but they are much more than simple product promoters. As business owners and former corporate executives, Ray and Yolanda feel that the Youngevity business opportunity is the perfect laboratory or business model for them. They began in network marketing to earn residual income and achieve better health and time freedom, but their passion is also to help other people achieve their dreams and their goals.

“We got involved for our own reasons,” says Yolanda, “but we stay in to help others and to create a legacy of love and giving together. Our ‘why’ is to really stop human suffering, physically and financially. We want to build others, one person at a time, one dream at a time, to be Kingmakers, if you will. It is not about us.”

For those just starting out in Youngevity, the Brown’s offer this advice: “Read the book, How to Sell Network Marketing, without fear, anxiety, or losing your friends by author Michael Oliver. Work on YOU! This business is all about our ‘potential business partner.’ Be smart. Believe in You. Spread love and have some fun!”



Dr. Harold Davis and Rene Davis RN

Dr. Harold Davis and Rene Davis RN have one purpose in life, to inspire people to live to their highest Health, Wealth, and Spiritual Potential. They have dedicated their life to teaching the Success Principles that empower people to recognize the true power that is within them. They firmly believe that people will improve their life and live their dreams with the help of Youngevity, and their coaching.

Dr. Davis and Rene inspire people to use their personal power. In their view, personal power is your ability to see through the illusions that you encounter in your life, to decide what type of experiences you want to have in your life, and then to take the right type of actions to attract them into your life.

Central to their work is the theme that one has the potential to grow, expand, and contribute to others, no less than to oneself, simply by applying the right plan, and using Youngevity as their home based business vehicle.

Dr. Davis is an author, Public Speaker, Transformational Life Coach, World-class Masters 400 & 800-meter runner, and Entrepreneur. Rene is a Registered Nurse, Holistic Health Coach, and author. They have searched for, and found the right Principles to guide their life and Youngevity business. They have banked their life and success on it.

Dr. Harold and Rene Davis have helped many men and women realize their highest potential, not by adapting to something out there in the world, but by assisting them in becoming the persons they already are deep down inside. It takes faith to be able to do that, and no level of faith is beyond anyone’s reach, especially with the help of Youngevity’s lifestyle movement.

Dr. Harold and Rene Davis’s mission is to have a focus team of men and women who are positively impacting the health, and wealth of people, by empowering people to take control of their destiny.




Bios and pics coming soon…

Carmen Osuna
Helen Watt
Flora & Jesse J. Martinez
Juan Carlos Flores
Raymond and Yolanda Brown
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Victoria Baran

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Christopher & Ellecya Humphrey Sr.
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Christopher Wong
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Cindy Personal Health
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Claudia Maria Herrera Zertuche
Claudia Padilla
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Claudio Moreno III
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Clayton Jacobs
Cleopatra Lewis-Bartley
Cliff Boxer
CLN Enterprises, LLC
Coldwell Brothers
Cole Wagner
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Collin Hanson
Concepcion Palomera
Connie Martinez
Connie Mckenzie
Consuelo Canizalez
Corbin Williamson
Corrine Simonsen
Courtney Chenault
Craig Miller
Craig Mog
Crisofora Garcia
Cristina Jacquez
Cristina Ornelas
Cristo Saenz
Crystal Williams
Curtis Cagnolatti
Curtis Pittman
Cyndi Newman
Cynthia Alva
Cynthia Barnum
Cynthia D Francis
Cynthia Michel
Cyrus D McWright
D. K. Cox
D. Lytle
Dacia Holm
Daesung Choi
Daisy Elder
Daisy Perdue
Daisy Zitting
Dale Greer
Dale Peconi
Dale Peterson
Dale Wilkerson
Dalia Garcia Gonzalez
Dalton Dale
Dan Fisher
Dan McWright
Dan Siegmann
Dan Wickline
Dan Williamson
Dana Bedford
Dana Griesmer
Dania Nevarez Erives
Daniel Achter
Daniel Eguren
Daniel Flores
Daniel Gelyana
Daniel Larson
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Steele
Daphne M Brown
Darcy Scibetta
Dario Morales
Darius Jones
Darlene Bearden
Darlene Hopkins
Darlene Spengler
Darrell Carson
Darren Bradshaw
Darren Marquardt
Darren Moi
Darrius Shackleford
Darryiun Sturdivant
Dave Kelly
Dave Michaels
David & Kimmie Fetzer
David Brick
David Budziszewski
David Cook
David Desrosiers
David Dettman
David Dopson
David E. Harris
David Erickson
David Goodall
David Johnson
David Lopez Garza
David Mellor
David Nesbitt
David O’Connor
David Paredes
David Reyes
David Rhea
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David Varnon
David Wagenvoord
Davida Washington
Dawn Bain
Dawn Langley
Dawn Leclair
Dayton Tatman
Dean Mason
Dean Muensterman
Debbie Ansley-Kravig
Debbie Bennett
Debbie Burnette
Debbie Dise
Debbie Hill
Debbie Lillebo-Weisser
Debi Lee
Deborah Delcamp
Deborah Melton
Deborah Stevens
Deborah Timko
Debra Lazarone
Debra Pavlovic
Debra Snyder
Dee Miller
Deep South Companies Inc
Delharts Funiture
Delia Delgado-Badillo
Deloris Jackson
Delphia Sheila Johnson
Denis J Nadeau
Dennis Goodman
Dennis Humphrey
Dennis Johnson
Dennis Levers
Denny Drake, Johnny Rodgers, & Dr. Steven Foster
Desmond & Gina Lawson Sr
Deva Q-2 Or Total Nutrition
Devin L Juhasz
DG Group Enterprises
Diana Adberstein Servin
Diana J. Whittington
Diana Ovenden
Diana Scobell
Diana Wakefield
Diane Moller
Dianne Black
Dianne Golay
Dianne Villano
Dick & Barbara Boldt
Dieter Strehl
Dilia Yamilleth Gonzales Carrasco
Diocelina De la torre
Dirk Twine
Divine Image Global
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DKB Flanders
Docs Angels
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Dolores Warren
Dominic Ciani
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Don Lenoir
Don Price
Don Stuck
Donald R Simon
Donzette & Monica Wimberly
Doreen Trammell
Doretha Thompson Robinson
Dorie Hanson
Doris Abdulsater
Dorothy Allan
Dorrine Harris
Dorthy Wayman
Doug Knight
Doug Laux
Douglas Emmerson
Dr Andy Ptak
Dr Marco Rico
Dr. Bridgett Hilliard
Dr. Calvin Ellison
Dr. Carolyn Ann Smith
Dr. Erika Duffy
Dr. John Ford
Dr. Judy Wright
Dr. Karen Harris
Dr. Leroy Anderson
Dr. Liufau Saulala
Dr. Lorraine Hurley
Dr. Peter Glidden
Dr. Showalter Johnson
Dr. Tim Weir
Dr. Tixieanna Dissmore
Dream Machine, LLC
Drew Koen
D-Run Team
Duchonnie Davis
Due Daniels
Dulcie Daley Hobson
Duncan James
Dwayne Jackson
E.M. James
Earlyn Shuffler
East Coast
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Eddie Caser
Eddie Davis
Edgar Bell
Edith Grande
Edith Ruvalcaba
Edith Vicente Juarez
Edna Bassett
Edna Cabreros
Edna Yates
Eduwiges Osuna
Edward Hirsch
Edward Koreyasu
Edward Loeser
Edwin Peraza
Edyta Palmi
Efigenia Mejia
Efrain Flores
Efrain Gonzalez
Egal Marketing
Eileen Altieri
Eileen Calodoukas
Elaine Farmer
Elaine Farmer
Elaine Weitz
Eldora Gatchell
Eleanor Anderson
Elena Galarza
Elia Bibriesca
Elia Sotelo
Elida Rodriguez
Elizabel Diaz
Elizabeth A Toole
Elizabeth Ann Cane
Elizabeth Cortez
Elizabeth Diaz
Elizabeth Ofili
Ellen Cox
Ellen Kramer
Ellinor James
Elliott Nichols
Elma Castorena
Elmer M Esh
Eloise A. Fraser
Elsa Aguilera
Elvia Piedra
Elvia Sanchez
Elzbieta Dykas
Ema Herrera
Emanuel Gonzalez Lopez
Emeola Curvey
Emily Anila Shah
Emily Becker
Emily Pasadilla
Emily Steele
Emmanuel Moises Ledezma Mayen
Emmy Alvig
Enrique Garcia
Enrrique Trujillo
Eric Hawkins
Ericka Mckim
Erika Dempsey
Erin Llc
Erlinda Cruz
Erminia Angel
Ernestina Flores
Ernestine Ray
Ervin A Soto
Ervin M. Martin
Ervin Soto
Esperanza Samarripa
Esperanza Serrano Nunez
Essential Health 4 Life #2
Essential Nutrition
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Esteban Trevino
Estela Clemente
Estela Valdez
Esther Morgan
Esther Smith
Esther Vargas
Esther Warda
Estrella Nouri
Ethan Andersen
Ethan Elkins
Ethel L Pressley
Etta Martin
Eufrocenia Bernardo
Eugene & Deborah Durant
Eugenio Villasana
Eva Perez
Evadney Bennett
Evan R Neilson, D.C.
Evangelina Rueda
Evelyn Williamson
Evelyne Robbins
Ever Gonzalo Marine Rodriguez
Everett Hale
Ewa M. Da Silva
Ezinne Nnorom
F & D Durant Llc
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Fabiola C. Lopez Fimbres
Fabiola Chavira
Fabricio Mora Santa Cruz
Fabricio Picado
Faith Colborn
Felix Jose Roberto Pino Rivas
Fernando and Rebeca Hernandez
Fernando Rangel
Fidel Gonzalez
Fidencia Sánchez
Flor Larreynaga
Florence Amoako
Forrest Knutson
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Francisco Gonzaga
Francisco j castillo
Francisco Martinez
Franck Airaud
Frank Granett
Frank Hall
Frank Lukehart
Frank Watt
Frankie Camacho
Fred & Ethel Glass
Fred Kramer
Fred Lundgren
Fred Miller
Fred Smerlas Steve Deossie
Frederick Chapple Jr.
Frederick Joseph
Freedom Reigns
Freeman Weaver
Front Range Freedom Institute, Llc
Functionworks Llc
FunctionWorks One
G. Anthony Yancho
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Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriela Ascencio Equihua
Gabriela Guerrero
Gabriella Molnar
Gabrielle Lane
Gail Houston
Garrett Filip
Gary and Nicole Sicard
Gary Benkendorfer
Gary Gunther
Gary Kruchten
Gary Mcadam
Gayle Reid
Gazing Xan
Gene Wilder
Genelle Thomas
Geneva Horne
George & Dorcas Taggart
George A Copeland
George And Ardena Carr
George Anthony Yancho
George J Janosek
George Maitland
George Taggart
George Vaden
George W Beaman Jr
Georgeann Grasso
Georgia Morgan I
Georgina Bartolome
Georgina Salazar Rodriguez
Gerald Albritton
Gerald W Albritton
Gerald W. Parker
Gerardo Sosa
Gerardo Torres
Germaine McCormick
Gerry Mahar
Gertie Bates
Gi Yeong Kim
Gigi Guise
Gilberto Guerrero Escalate
Gildardo Alapizco
Gina Francis
Ginger Mastaw
Ginger Reile
Glen Andrade
Glencove Springs LLC 2
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Global Group
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Gloria Evans
Gloria Filip
Gloria Ochoa
Gloria Rivera
Gloria Wilkins
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Got 90 Nutrition SJM
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Greg Peterson
Greg Price
Gregory Russell
Greta Asseff
Grisalidis Jimãcnez
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Guadalupe Lopez
Guadalupe Matias
Guillermo Resendiz
Guillermo Y Mary Molina
Gun Woo Kim
Guru Arunasalam
GW German
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Hal Hollman
Hank Innerfeld
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Harmony Maat
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Healing The World
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Heuiweon Eun
Hidden Peak Surgical LLC
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Hyeyoung Cho
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Icon Of Health 1
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Illyeanna Wolfstorm
Illyrian Wolfstorm
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Imelda Lopez
Indira Wilburn
Ines Rivera
Inez Brookes
Infinite Equity
Inhae Jun
Inocencia Palomera
Integrity Investment
Irene Heibloem
Irene Mendoza Leon
Irene Torrez
Iris Colindres
Irma Ahumada
Irma Garcia
Irma Hernandez
Irma Ledezma
Irma Paredes
Irvin Allen
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Isela Martinez
Ismael Ramirez
Iva Young
Izzy Steele
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Jackie Jayo
Jackie Phillips
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Jacob Proulx
Jacob Samuel
Jacob Steele
Jacqueline Antonie
Jacqueline Peraza
Jacqueline Rodriguez
Jacques Durand
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Jaime Duarte
Jaime Jaramillo
Jaime Medina
Jaime Ornelas
Jaime Rodriguez
Jairus King
Jake Steele
Jamal Bryant
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James Clarke
James Fransway Iii
James O’connell
James Van Etten
Jamie Cornelsen
Jamie Fiene
Jana Owen
Jane Bailey
Janet Francis
Janet Hansen
Janet Ruddell
Janeth Ramirez
Janetta Olaseni
Janette Ballard
Janette Elliott
Janice Olafson
Janis A Esannason
Jared Barlow
Jariya Bartolome
Jarrett Hodge Jr.
Jasmine Kerr
Jasmine Villalobos
Jason Arave
Jason Presley
Jason Stowe
Javier Arroyo
Javier Cervantes
Javier Diaz
Jaxon Redd
Jay Ellingford
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Jayne Smith
Jc Smith
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Jeffrey Boever
Jeffrey Selsor
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Jennifer Beechick
Jennifer Chelstrom
Jennifer Filip
Jennifer Fleck
Jennifer Henson
Jennifer Hicke
Jennifer Jaca
Jennifer Saltzman
Jennifer Shumaker
Jenny Carmona
Jenny Goodman
Jeraldine Sanders
Jeremiah Mosher
Jermaine Johnson
Jerome & Charity Sison
Jerome Brooks
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Jerry Juan
Jerry Murphy
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Jesse Jackson
Jesse Martinez
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Jessica Ivie
Jessica Pina
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Jill Parr
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Jim Ruiz
Jim Stewart
Jimmie Rice
Jimmy Bailey
Jin Woo Kim
Jks 90 Worldwide
Jl Bush
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Joan M. Plishka
Joan Mohr
Joan Overman
Joana Tokalaulala
Joanie Wayman
Joanna Miclat
Joanne Conaway
Joanne Delhart
Joanne Hall
Joanne Kuehn
Jody Steele
Jody Summers
Jody Waterman
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Joel Razo
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John Andrews
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John Comstock
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John Finger
John Fogg
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John Timpson
John Toole
John Zerwick
Johnny Islas
Jolanta Fronczak
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Jonah Mooney
Jonas E. Miller
Jonathan Borba
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Steele
Jordan Goodman
Jorge L. Colan-Rodriguez
Jorge Orozco Flores
Jorge Perez
José Gilberto Arango
José Guadalupe Pérez Martínez
Jose and Mary Suarez
Jose Argueta
Jose Carlos Lopez Garza
Jose Carrillo
Jose D Flores
Jose Felipe Garcia
Jose Funes
Jose Gilberto Arango
Jose Guzman
Jose H Sandoval
Jose Hernandez
Jose Luis Alvarado
Jose Luis Alvarez
Jose Montoya
Jose R. Rodriguez-Figueroa
Jose Sepulveda
Jose Vasquez
Jose Zamora
Josefina Gamboa
Joseluis Cruz
Joseph Bernal
Joseph Corbin
Joseph Helo
Joseph Shin
Joseph Shoop
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Josephine Hopkins
Josephine Hurst
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Joshua Israel
Joshua Steele
Josiephene Sullen
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Jove Blance
Joyce Broadbent
Joyce Noble
Js Steele
Juan Carlos Aviles Gama
Juan Cedeato
Juan Domingo Rivera Iii
Juan Flores
Juan Trevino
Juana Derramona
Juana Rodriguez
Juanita Ashley
Juanita Carbajal
Juanita Duckett
Judd Oswald
Judith Duncan
Judy Edgar
Judy Gill
Judy Hoppe
Judy Saunders
Judy T. Devilbiss
Julie Adams
Julie Bulich
Julie Formby
Julie Harris
Julie Holley
Julie Jaroch
Julie McWright
Julie Ray
Julio A. Melgar M.
Julio C Ramirez Fernandez
Julio Jose D
Julio Luis Silva
June & Frances Jackson
June Murphy
Jung Ae Park
Jung Hwa Hong
Jung Min Oh
Jung Soon Hong
Justice Emord
Justin Boton
Justin Ross
Justin Weaver
K.D. & F.E. Elder
K.M. Anderson
Kaitlin Peterson
Kalen Jackson Carson
Karen & Terry Clark
Karen Augustine
Karen Blanc
Karen Bowser
Karen Collins
Karen Morales
Karen Swindell Watson
Karen Valish
Karen Woodworth
Karen Zitting
Karey Amick
Karina Leon
Karinda Anderson
Karl Morgan
Karla Lopez
Karla Peraza
Katherine Lansdown
Katherine McCauley
Kathleen Conner
Kathleen Douat
Kathleen Hemmings
Kathleen Povolny
Kathryn A Lapp
Kathryn Alejo
Kathryn Grace
Kathryn Jenkins
Kathryn Rocheleau
Kathy Baids
Kathy Blake
Kathy Hayes
Kathy Van Liew
Katrina Fountain
Katrina L Johnson
Katy Chittick
Kayenta Cir
Kayla L. Cox
Kayte Mewborn
Keegan Campas
Keith Rolfes
Kelli Harber
Kelly Dugan
Kelly Romero
Kelly Troutt
Ken & Kazumi Murray
Ken Smith
Kendra Graham
Kenneth and Lois Branch
Kenneth Anderson
Kenneth Conine
Kenneth G Smith
Kenneth Hofer
Kenneth Kapiniak
Kenneth Neorr
Kenneth Panko
Kenneth Robertson
Kenneth Segovia
Kerry Certonio
Keven & Robyn Shields
Kevin Achatz
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Chase
Kevin Davis
Kevin Grundy
Kevin Sterling
Kevin Troutt
Khary Pittman
Kiana Briggs
Kiana C. Nairne
Kilisitina Bloomfield
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Kimberly Adkins
Kimberly Armatys
Kimberly Borba-Galati
Kimberly Botts
Kims 90 Worldwide
Kingdom Life
Kingdom Marketing Group Llc
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Kristi Knack
Kristie Bement
Kristin Cortright
Kristina Ashton Or Total Nutrition
Ksco Team
Kt Radio Network
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Kyoko Jensen
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L. Erin Dakins
L. James Barlow
L.A.B. Portobello Natural Health
Laercio Fernandes
Lana Parker
Lance Hager
Lance L Gubler
Lance Voss
Lance White
LaNeen “Dee” Brown
Lara Price
Larin & Dowanna Cox
Larry Adair
Latasha Blair
Latevi Lawson
Latonya Button
Laura Gallardo
Laura Harshman
Laura Medina
Laura Mitchell
Laura Psencik
Laurel Hillton
Lauretha Ward
Laurie Anderton
Laval Voss
Lavelle Gathings
Laverne P Mike
Laveta Waller
Leba Joseph
Lee Ann Shope
Lee Childs
Lee Perry
Lee Wright
Lee’s Emarket, Llc
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Leigh Pedersen
Leilin Hilde
Lemuel Arizo
Lenetta Johnson
Leni Lacson
Lenore Sanborn
Leon Butler
Leon Lane
Leonard Jeremy
Leonard Mackey
Leonardo Biccari
Leonardo Ramirez
Leonel Grajeda
Leonila Mendez
Leroy Kerdolff
Leroy Wayman
Leslie Addison
Lether Evans
Leticia Cortez
Leticia Ramirez
Letticia Miller
Levi Graber
Lexi Pfannenstiel
Lianne Griffin
Lidia Zambrano
Lila Villegas
Lilia Ortega
Lilian Hamman
Liliana Garza Guzman
Liliana Martinez
Linda Baker
Linda Bauman
Linda Burns
Linda Estrada
Linda Goeke
Linda Grimm
Linda Loner
Linda Love
Linda Marie Perron
Linda Oconnor
Linda Peterson
Linda Roberts
Lisa Anger
Lisa Edwards
Lisa Harris
Lisa Johnson
Lisa Perry
Lisa Simpson
Lisa Tucker
Lisa Williams Briskie
Lisamarie Ingram
Lisbeth Castaneda-Torres
Liufau Saulala Jr
Liz Eddy
Liz Garrison
Liz Leamon
Lizbeth Pesce
Lizeth Sabellon
Ljl Llc
Lloyd Williams
Lois Skinner
Loren & Paula Fardulis
Lorena Amezcua
Lorena Corona
Lorena Lizett Rios Baños
Lorena Uribe
Lorenzo Magdaleno
Lorenzo Sein
Lori Davenport
Lori Giesey
Lori Mackey
Lorna Amsterdam
Louis Alaba
Louis Barlow
Louise Taylor-Lopez
Lourdes López
Lourdes Trevino
Loya Gubler
Luc Wellington
Lucely Villamizar Rueda
Lucia Alvarez
Lucia Cardenas A.
Lucia Flores
Lucia Ruiz
Lucia Sanchez
Lucille Z. Martin
Luigi Pignalosa
Luis A Soto
Luis A. Reyes
Luis Alfonso Burruel
Luis Alvarez
Luis Areas
Luis Fernando Avila Mora
Luis Hernando Hernandez Pardo
Luis Omar Flores
Luis Tejeda
Luz Armida Flores Madrid
Luz Maria Rivera de Garza
Lynn Ramsey
Lynn Zeddies
Lynne Gallagher
Lynnette Milne
Lynval Harris
Lynwood Taylor
M D Hatzinger
M. Colleen Blanke
M. Cunningham
M. E. Farmer
M.E. Gunther
Ma Del Mar Gomez Delgado
Ma Guadalupe Mora Garcia
Maame Owusu-Afriyie
Maat Investment Group LLC.
Maata Tai-Rakena (Dnu)
Macie Bevans
Madrew Brewer
Magda Henshaw
Magdalena Correa
Magdoli Gomez
Maguy Piard Thercius
Makaylah Thompson
Malia Van Etten
Malinda Winn
Manu Vea
Manuel Castro
Manuel Santana
Manuela Creti
Maragrita Ramirez
Marcedes Cabrera
Marcie Mcgee
Marcie Mcgee
Marcie McGee
Marcie Nobriga
Marcie West
Marcy Rowley
Margarita Batista Arias
Margarita Flores
Margarita Jacobo
Margarita Rodriguez
Margrete & Bernard Harris
Margy Day
Maria Aguilar
Maria Arana
Maria C Serrano Osejo
Maria Camacho
Maria Christina Ramos Escobar
Maria Crisely Caballero V
Maria Díaz
Maria De La Cruz
Maria de la Luz Aguilar Lojero
Maria de la Luz Guzman
Maria De Los Angeles Garcia
Maria Del Campo
Maria Del Carmen Gutierrez
Maria Del Carmen Pacheco
Maria Del Carmen Rodriguez
Maria Del Pilar Castellanos
Maria Del Pilar Paez Leiva
Maria Del Socorro Chavez
Maria E Lopez
Maria Elena Urena
Maria Eliza Candela
Maria Ernestina Virelas
Maria Esquivel
Maria Eugenia Robles
Maria Flores
Maria Godinez
Maria Grace Palama
Maria Hernandez
Maria Jimenez
Maria Jimenez Duran
Maria Joel Mederos
Maria Lopez
Maria M. Prado
Maria Maldonado
Maria Palomera
Maria Ramirez
Maria Reyes
Maria Rivera
Maria S Ramirez
Maria S. Trejo
Maria Tamayo
Maria Vargas
Maria Vasilakos
Mariann Vanwickler-Deciano
Marianne Suarez
Maribel Rojo
Maribel Sanchez Baltazar
Maribeth Mills
Maricela Martinez
Maricela Rocha
Marilou Castelli
Marilyn Gorby-Painter
Marilyn Walton
Marilyn Williams
Marina Garcia
Marinella Richichi
Mario Hurtado
Mario Lopez
Marion Bankston
Marisol Flores
Marjorie Speicher
Mark Althouse
Mark Beauman
Mark D Garnham
Mark Denning
Mark Lowell
Mark Moreland
Mark Myers
Marla Anderson
Marlene Harada
Marlene Lopez
Marsha Hadley
Marsha Hays
Martha Adriana Melendez Hidalgo
Martha Garcia
Martha Germany
Martha Gonzalez
Martha Nancy Torres Rebelo
Martha Ocampo
Martha Patricia Parra
Martha Penner
Martha Robles
Martha Rodriguez
Martin Laguna
Martin Pineda
Mary & Bob Shappell
Mary Alvarado
Mary Ann Kerdolff
Mary Ann Wayman
Mary Carmen Ramírez
Mary E. Farmer
Mary Foor
Mary G Smith
Mary Grear
Mary Howerton
Mary Janice Roderos
Mary Jennische, R.N.
Mary Kroening
Mary Logan
Mary Mackert
Mary Mathis
Mary P Simon
Mary Partridge
Mary Storts
Massey Elder
Mathal Enterprises
Mathall Enterprises
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Matthias Wayman
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McGee Family
Meaghan Strain
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Mehrab Bahadori
Melida Sanchez Rojas
Melirosa Marchena
Melissa Bruere
Melissa Dutto
Melissa Edwards
Melita Faustin
Melode Hall
Melody Bennett
Melody Mehan
Melody Whitehead
Melvin Huges
Melvin Thomas
Melvin Wittwer
Mernal Francis
Mi Song
Mi Soon Lim
Micaela Bernave Vega
Michael Badeaux
Michael Bibera
Michael Brown
Michael E. Taylor
Michael Magistro
Michael Magistro
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Michael Mathiesen
Michael Mccreath
Michael Miner
Michael Nijssen
Michael Oswald
Michael Pannone
Michael Ponder (Pres)
Michael Victor
Micheal Sumpter
Michel Pensivy
Michele Kuligowski
Michele Little
Michele Oneil
Michelle Decker
Michelle Drinkard
Michelle Edmonds
Michelle Elton
Michelle Johnson
Michelle Misciagna
Michelle Staniforth
Michelle Tachick
Mickey & Bobbye Hansen
Miguel A Medina
Miguel Amaya Contreras
Miguel Ceballos
Miguel Murray
Mijon LLC
Mike Bedolfe
Mike Brown
Mike Garrard
Mike Redd
Mikey Miller
Milei Benny
Milei Brunson
Millicent Wanzo
Milly Magistro
Minda Unabia
Mindy Catlett
Mindy Sowers
Mineral Boss
Mira Real
Miriam Luna
Miriam Tate
Mirna Rosado
Mirna Velasco
Misty Melvin
MJ Ropp, LLC #5
Mj Ropp, Llc #6
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Mohammed Omer
Monica Nunez
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Monica Rodriquez
Moo Taek Llm
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Mun Hin Num
Myra Tolman
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Myrna Salomon
Myron Winston
Myrtice Hamilton
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N.P. Wayman
Nac Tex Llc
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Nadine Alexandre
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Nancy Hamilton
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Naomi Sam
Naomi Sam
Natalie Norcross Inc
Nathan Powell
Nathan Riley
Nathan Siegmann
Nathaniel Giannini
Nathaniel Hobson
Nathaniel Schwartz
Neil Dutenhoffer
Neil Treitman
Nelia Pili Delmundo
Nelly Fernandez
Nelson Pineiro
Nelson Saumur
Nelson Saumur
Nenita Tomaneng
Nestor Bernardo
New Horizon Medical Center
Nick Kapande
Nicolas Flores
Nicole Jackson
Nikki Chandler
Nima Warfield
No Gmos
Noah Greene
Noeline Prevost
Noemi Saldana
Nohemi Argueta
Nora Cabezas
Norbert Pasillas
Norma Gabriela Robles Gonzalez
Norma Katindoy
Norma Patricia Reynoso Holguin
Norma Santos
Norman Douglas Ware
Norman Magana
Normandee Ballingham
Normandee Jo Ballingham
Novlette O’connor
Nubia Finch
Nubia Moreno
Nutrition 4 Life
Odyssey Group
Ofelia Angulo
Ofelia Rodriguez
Okechukwu Okafor
Ole Field
Olivia Hulst
Olivia Reid
Olufemi Olaseni
Omar Eduardo Ochoa
Omnia Halhoul
Oralia Gutierrez
Oralia Meza
Oralia Parra
Oscar Aguirre
Oscar M. Tahenoyou
P. T. Beck
Pam Crockett
Pam Van Roekel
Pamala S. Childress
Pamela Anderson
Pamela Cheval
Pamela Haggerty
Pamela Winn
Panorama Wellness
Paola Martinez
Park Steele
Parker Zemke
Pat Bright
Pat Ginter
Pat Kendall
Patrice Swanson
Patricia & Glenton Gilzean
Patricia Arent
Patricia Hetherington
Patricia Martinez
Patricia Spielman
Patricia Valderrama
Patrick Foor
Patsy Ikechukwu
Paul Andrews
Paul B. Hilty
Paul Barlow
Paul D. Larsen
Paul Lane
Paul Langseth
Paul Newland
Paul Papetti
Paul Willis
Paula J Quinlan
Paula Teresa Robles Gonzalez
Pauline Quezada
Pedro Reynaga
Peggy Fafara
Peggy Hyland
Penny Hansen
Penny Tyler
Percy Moore
Pete Carlson
Peter Lowes
‘Pharmacist Keith” Abell
Phil J. Forsey
pilar argote
Poly Ann Graber
Presila Salgado
Priscilla Wayman
R Brett Favero
R. Anthony Raymundo
Ra’ El
Rachel Storts
Rachele Funk
Rachelle Desrosiers
Raeburn Jacobs
Raed & Manill Fahel
Rafael A. Gutierrez-Soto
Rafael A. Porras
Rafael Bautista
Rafaela G Gutierrez
Rafaela Mundo
Rajend Murti
Rajendra Murti
Ralph Elsey
Ram Kim
Ramon & Maricela Casillas
Ramon Gonzalez
Ramon J Estefani
Ramon Marquez
Ramona and Doug Yauger
Ramona Centeno
Ramona Galaviz
Ramona Rubalcaba
Rana Samara
Randi Miller
Randi Shannon
Randy Cary
Randy Head
Randy Spear
Raphael Dancekelly
Raquel Alfaro
Raquel C Estanislao
Raquel Diaz Jimenez
Ratutoka Lee
Rayda Roundy
Raymond Wells
Rebeca Cruz
Rebecca Burgmeier
Rebecca Doering Knutson
Rebecca Gold
Refugio Garcia
Reggie Black
Reggie Blount
Regie Mendoza
Reid Stewart
Remington Steele
Ren Ferguson
Rena Mcbee
Renato Jakacic
Rene Halstead
Renee Bonds
Renee Ironside Woodward
Renee Palmiere
Renegade Wellbeing
Rex J Steele
Rex Wilkerson
Reynold Charles
Rhean Propp
Rhena Crane
Rhoda Joy Yoder
Rhonda S Landrum
Ricardo 90forlife
Ricardo Paniss
Ricardo Rodriguez Lopez
Rich Reilly
Rich Spearman
Rich Stocks
Richard &Joyce Williams
Richard Reeves
Richard Reid
Richard Robbins
Rick Bystra
Rick Gilmore
Ricky Thais
Rida Goldman
Riese Niehaus
Rind Moe
Rising Higher
Rita Calzada
Rita Ellithorpe
Rita Kerr
Rita Solis Velasquez
Rob & Brenda Witty
Rob Fleming
Rob Kocot
Robert & Roxana Pouza
Robert Beck
Robert Encarnacion
Robert Gonzalez
Robert Haines
Robert K Walker
Robert Lapsley
Robert Loney
Robert Richards
Robert Timpson
Robert Wiedemann
Robert Wiggins
Roberta Thomas
Roberto Gonzalez
Roberto Lopez
Roberto lopez
Roberto Torrez
Robin Brown
Robin Carlson
Robin Sturdivant
Rocio Avila
Rocio Lara
Roderick Wiggins
Rodney & Stephanie Williams
Rodrigo Estrada
Rogelio Flores
Roger Dimock
Roger Knell
Roger Triplett
Romeo Catolico
Romina A Gaecia
Ron & Maria Utrera
Ron Donaldson
Ron Roti
Ron Saunders
Ronald Basile
Ronald Carr
Ronald Carroll
Ronald Miller
Ronald Patrick Hughes
Ronald Randazzo Jr
Ronnie Carrico
Ronnie Esposito
Rory Stern
Rosa Acosta
Rosa Gonzales
Rosa Gonzalez
Rosa Moran
Rosa Rodriguez
Rosalva Ponce
Roselia Gallardo
Roselyn Brown
Rosemarie Elpidio
Rosemary Lamb Burnett
Rosemary Nichols
Rosemer Talaboc
Roslin Vanterpool
Rossmery Colina
Roy Hafen
Roy Palumbo
Rubye Ellis-Coleman
Rudy Helo
Russ Trierweiler
Russell & Sally Noel
Russell Pietsch
Ruth Ann Kellogg
Ruth White
Ruth Whitfield
Ruthline Peters
Ryan Michael Pharaoh
Ryan Moon
Ryan Rodabaugh
Ryan Wakefield
Rz McGraw
S.A.C. Portobello Natural Health
Saane Langi
Sabina Pampor
Sabrina Waller
Sage Magistro
Sahara Colaso
Sakiusa Dreu
Sakiusa Dreunimolea
Sally Henderson
Salomon Marchena
Salomon Marchena
Salvador Magdaleno R
Salvador Villalobos
Salvadora Vargas
Sam Shalhoub
Samantha Bergstrom
Samantha Finck
Sandra Baptiste
Sandra M. Pharaoh
Sandra O’donnell
Sandra Whitley
Sandy Clark
Sandy L Farmer
Sanjeev Javia
Santos Patino
Sara G Maravilla
Sarah E Israel
Sarah Little & Elizabeth A. Tate
Saul Medina
Sawer Allsup
Scalar Health Connection Llc
Scot Taylor
Scott & Rachell McKim
Scott Graf
Scott S. Cochran
SD Fritz
Sean Fournier
Selene Peck
Serena Nour Abdulsater
Seunghyun Pang
Shalom Living
Shane Baker
Shaney Vandiver
Shannon Cary
Shannon May
Shannon Ottoson
Shanon Bennett
Shantal Anderson
Sharon Cheek
Sharon D Waldo
Sharon Lucchesi
Sharon Macfarlane
Sharon S. Logan
Sharon Stewart
Sharon Watkins
Shasta Farnsworth
Shaun & Maggie Boynton
Sheila Oien
Sheila Propp
Shelby Anderson
Shelley Ruiz
Shera Green
Sherod Richards
Sherrell Hoffmann
Sherri Diamond
Sherri Marana
Sherri Wilkins
Sherry Kocot
Sherry Russell-Powers
Sherry Warkentin
Sheryl Seeliger
Shirley & Felicia Kirby
Shirley Morales
Shirley Schulze
Shirley Walker
Shubie Taxi
Silvia Vasquez
Simon Lee, Jr
Siutiti Vea
Skipper Ballingham
Social Revolution
Soledad Moreno
Solomon Tor-Kilsen
Solomon Tor-Kilsen (Dnu)
Sondra Moore-Crestwell
Sonia Lising-Cahalan
Sonia Rosemarie Martinez Chavez
Sonya Aebischer
Soon Hieng Ngu
South East
Spencer And Karyn Clark
Stacie Plante
Steadman Steeves
Stefanie Yancho
Stella Nemuseso
Stephan M. Shirk
Stephanie Allison
Stephanie Bigby
Stephanie Giandomenico
Stephanie Olson
Stephanie Partridge
Stephanie West
Stephanie, Howard & Michael Mayers
Stephanie, Michael & Howard Mayers
Stephen Harvilla
Stephen Hayes
Stephen Immer
Stephen Perry
Steve Anderson
Steve Bennett
Steve Jensen
Steve Mueller
Steve Weimar
Steven Burnside
Steven D’arcy
Steven Greenway
Steven Hayes
Steven Jones
Steven L Packer
Stu Chisholm
Sue & Tom Johnson
Sue Freden
Sue Hughes
Sumathy Arunasalam
Sunday L. &Amp; Ursuline Joseph
Sungkeun Kim
Sungsoo Kim
Sunok Yang
Suppiah Arumugam
Susan & Bruce Lane
Susan Brown
Susan Darnold
Susan Eco
Susan Forehand
Susan Horst
Susan Johnson
Susan K Bader
Susan Resner
Susan Sacayan
Susie Young
Susy Garcia
Suzanne Borho
Suzanne Fedewa
Suzanne M. Smith
Suzi Moran
Suzie Holm
Suzie Sudz
Sylvester Corley
Sylvia Zeiszler
T.A. Anderson
Talisha Wilson
Talo & Losehina Mahu’inga
Talon Friel
Tamara Slone
Tami Ferguson
Tami Worthington
Tamiko M Troutman
Tammie Evans
Tammy Finch Or Tnt
Tammy Hanneman
Tammy L Randle
Tammy Riedel
Tammy Weems
Tanis Wichmann
Tanya Ospitia
Tanya Ragan
Team Dynomite
Team Glidden 1 James
Ted & Debra Okolichany
Teresa Encarnacion
Teresa Freeman
Teresa Gilmore
Teresa Smith
Teresa Smith
Teresita Garcia
Terri Erdmann
Terri Nail
Terry Bassett
Terry Nickel
Terry Steer
Terry Umanzor
Tessie Alayu
The Bazemore Conglomerate
Thelma Felix
Theo Ratliff
Theodore Desporte
Theresa Bridie
Theresa Chopko
Theresa Kamrath
Theresa Lovell
Theresa Mondale
Theresa V Buede
Thomas Bollinger
Thomas Boone
Thomas Chenault
Thomas Giandomenico
Thomas Kin Chan
Thomas Linen Iii
Thomas Rank
Thomas Schneider
Thomas Vitito
Thor Mongie
Tiffany Daniel
Tiffany Eveld
Tiffany Isbell
Tiffany Valdez
Tiffany Wilkins
Tim Sutton
Timm Carroll-Anderson
Timothy Vizzari
Tjc #1 Farms
Tjhk Club
Tobey Parham
Todd &Amp; Alisha Henderson
Todd Barker
Todd Caulkins
Todd Walker
Toddy Jadoo-Stevens
Tom Bollinger
Tom Kerdolff
Tomoavao Wichman
Tonee Fleming
Tony Perla
Tonya Ray
Tower Consulting Services
Tracey Bacani
Tracey Walker
Tracy Caines
Tracy Slagle
Tracy Wagstaff
Travel World Usa, Inc
Travis Adler
Trent May
Treycom Tech
Trinnette Morris
Trisha Perkins
Troy Graf
Trudy Anderson
Twyla Wilson
Tyler Moore
Tyler Pederson
Ursula Sasso
Vague Investments
Valarie Dunfee
Valentin Carranza
Valentina Noyola
Valerie Nielsen
Valerie Rutter
Vanessa Berrios
Vauna Powell
Velia Lopez
Velsheda Dean
Ventec Services
Vernon Koehn
Veronica Baron
Veronica Garcia
Veronica Harris
Vicki Gunvalson
Vicki Ratley
Vicky Hobson
Vicky Mcclure
Victor Campbell
Victor Figueroa
Victor L Ramos
Victor Macias
Victor Manuel Carrillo Vazquez
Victoria Caldwell
Victoria Johnson
Vili Bloomfield
Vill Miranda
Vincent & Karen Scott
Vincent D. Brown
Vincenzo Picardi
Vinnie Flynn
Vinson Palmiere
Viola Griffitts
Violet Ventures
Virginia M Flores
Virireader Harry
Vission Vission
Viveca Villarin
Vivian Roman
Vivian Wayman
Wallaby Iowa
Wallace Pinkley
Walter Mcmurrin Fullerton
Warlino Sadiarin
Warwick Taylor & Julie Adams
Washington Smith
Wayne Dellamore
Wayne Morris
Wayne Thomas
Web Sellingsystems
Wella Mitchell
Wendy Andersen
Wendy Andersen
Wendy Miller
West Eastern Llc
Westley Portwood
Whitney Funk
Whole Body Wellness
Wilbert Modo Adams Iii
Wilhelmina King Thomas
William Elliott
William Hamman
William Hann
William Hardy
William L Knett
William Mann
William Staab
William Wilson
Willie Woods
Wilson Dorsainvil
WKM Consulting LLC
Won Suk Jun
Wyatt Carter
Yadida Sanchez Gallo
Yadira Avila
Yolanda Canizales
Yolanda Orozco
Yolanda Perez
Young Woo Lee
Yuiko Ishikawa
Yvette Clark
Yvette Wevodau
Yvonne Erwin
Zack Darring
Zalee Harris
Zebadiah Lown
Zebulon Shockley
Zobeida Ospitia
Zonia Ivette Echeverria
Zulma Patricia Roldan Dewitt

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