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The Greatest of All Dreams

The greatest of all dreams is to own your business! We invite you to be part of our successful family of Business Building Associates who have taken that step towards realizing their dreams.

As Youngevity Independent Business Owner you gain access not only to an incredible array of products, but to an outstanding and diverse group of professionals! You can begin your journey to success by first becoming an Associate and joining the organization through the person that referred you to this site.

Once you are involved, you want to begin by reading and understanding the compensation plan. The Youngevity compensation plan is generous and easy to understand, and will help you learn how to begin earning money in your new business. To jumpstart your income there are a number of bonuses available. You want to learn how to utilize the Quickstart, the Silver Mercedes Club, Dream Car Bonus, Retail Profits and more to get your business off the ground.

After becoming familiar with the plan, take some time and order and experience the various products available for you to use and distribute. You will find different products fulfill different needs, and make it possible to find the right product for every customer.

Lean on Your Team

One of the greatest things about joining Youngevity is the incredible corporate and associate team waiting to help you achieve success. If you have a question, or many questions, begin the investigation process by contacting the person that referred you to this site. If they do not have the answers, there are incredible leaders available to help answer your questions, participate in conference calls, and provide training to help you and your customers get the most out of your Youngevity business.

Do not leave the site without reviewing the Upcoming Events page for conference calls and meetings. Every week distributors around the globe host meetings that are open to new and existing distributors, as well as new customers. There is probably a meeting in your neighborhood, and all you have to do is attend. Because our leaders understand how important it is to share their knowledge and expertise to the entire field, a number of top leaders offer daily or weekly conference calls. These motivational calls are open to everyone and cover topics from how to get started to the details behind a new or upcoming product.

The secret to success is not building your business alone, but leveraging the success of those that have gone before you to achieve success. Early every weekday morning Tom Chenault hosts a ‘Hair on Fire’ call, this call is open to everyone and will get you moving at the beginning of the day and help you overcome the fear of growing your own business. Each Saturday Dr. Corey Gold hosts a training call, where he reviews existing products, new sales strategies and technologies, and more. Sandy Elsberg, another spectacular leader, also hosts a training call every Saturday and every Thursday. Set aside some time in your schedule to join these leaders in success and begin building your road to success and financial freedom!